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  1. Baggygreen408


    Ok- a two prong question: When are statistics such as the Merit list, all rounders list, etc, released by the Board of Studies? and When are details/statistics released about the placings of various schools? (I assume these are usually in newspapers- so are the released today, tomorrow?)
  2. Baggygreen408

    HSC Advice Line?

    So- HSC Advice Line opens for some subjects tomorrow, and will do for others over the next 4 weeks or so. Does any one plan to use it? I am sure it is helpful, but how have past students found it? And are there any time periods where you don't bother calling (peak times)?
  3. Baggygreen408

    MAths ext 1 question

    Question 5a from the 2008 hsc is giving me a bit of difficulty: the hardest part being: fidn the inverse for the function: f(x) = x - 1/2 x/\2 Also- for this subject, what is the raw mark needed to achieve a band E4?
  4. Baggygreen408

    2007 Biology HSC question

    I do not know how to answer question 22, section b, regarding the allele combinations. here is the link ty
  5. Baggygreen408

    Half Yearlies and Holidays

    Ok, so i wanted to ask, with many people in the midst off half yearlies, or about to start (as my skool is this monday), how is everyone going? And What are you finally going to do when u finish the final exam and go straight into holidays, or, have a week of skool left before the holidays...
  6. Baggygreen408

    Results- How are you going?

    So what are your results like for the commencement of the HSC? How are you ranked in your subjects?
  7. Baggygreen408

    How was your day at skool?

    One of those "how was your day at skool" threads write anything regarding it: enojyable, get assessments or results, what u did, etc... mine was pretty good, had sport and assembly so light workload
  8. Baggygreen408

    Back to Skool

    When does everyone go bck to skool? I go back on Wednesday the 28th.