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  1. captainhelium

    HSC Biology Exam [Discussion]

    Good luck everyone :)
  2. captainhelium

    English Advanced Paper 2 [Discussion/Thoughts]

    Good luck for Paper 2 everyone! For those not doing English Extension, I'm assuming that the end of Paper 2 would indicate the completion of your HSC English experience :) Hopefully NESA won't ask you guys to specify a text for those doing poems/speeches!
  3. captainhelium

    Advanced Math Units

    Hey there, I think this has been posted somewhere before but I was just wondering whether I should do the normal or advanced maths units in first year - in particular, the one for 'Linear Algebra' and 'Calculus of One Variable'. My majors will be Neuroscience and Data Science. I've heard that...
  4. captainhelium

    Which degree would be better?

    Hey there, So I managed to receive a January Round 1 offer this morning - Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) at UNSW. My December round offer was Adv. Science and Adv. Studies at USyd (w/ Dalyell Scholars). Only situation now is that I'm not sure which degree to take. I wish to possibly...
  5. captainhelium

    Accepting Dalyell Scholars?

    Hey there, So I accepted my course (Advanced Science/Advanced Studies) but there wasn't any option to accept the Dalyell Scholars offer. Did any of you guys see an option to accept it? My ATAR was enough for Dalyell so I thought there would be an option to accept it. Thanks :)
  6. captainhelium

    ATAR Lower than Calculators?

    Just curious, did anyone get an ATAR that was lower than the calculators? If so, was the gap large?
  7. captainhelium

    Graph Questions?

    If a question asks us to a plot the data points on a graph and draw a line of best fit, do we extrapolate and continue the line or do we stop at the given range of the data points? Cheers :)
  8. captainhelium

    Talent 100 or Matrix Education?

    Hi there :) Having done more than half of my preliminary HSC course by now, I am slowly approaching the daunting stage of entering Year 12. Some of the teachers at my school aren't the best at explaining the concepts of their respective subjects well, and so I have been doing tutoring at...