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    Explain what these extracts mean (China case study)

    This is referring to inflation.. the main macroeconomic tool dealing with inflation is monetary policy (RBA INFLUENCING I.R. THROUGH DOMESTIC MARKET OPERATIONS) .. this extract is referring to China's record high levels of economic growth which is 5 fold compared to most advanced economies...
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    this process of aligning has me confused.. I done my hsc 2011, thought i'd post here though since none is replying in the 2011 section anymore loll. So the aligning process is like say you get 90 for economics it aligns to 97 or something. Does this mean say I received a 90 for economics and umm...
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    2011 Specimen Paper

    I done the option workplace so for that question I always answered it through labour reforms... early workplace industrial revolution... now we have oh&s common law bla bla oh and their under article 23&24 of the UDHR
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    Paper release

    When are the 2011 HSC papers released?
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    Globalisation in an economy other than Australia

    this question was in 2011 HSC short answers.. focus on globalisation --> economic management
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    Hey what did you put for short answers: ratification of HR and sovereignty?

    Sorry for being late. Well sovereignty can be explained from different angles. The approach I took was "ultimate law making power of a state" that was my general conscience in answering the question as I explained how sovereign countries tackled the issue domestically and I also tried talking...
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    Plz Post the HSC Eng Adv Paper 2

    I'll have a look for it. The paper is in my house somewhere if i can get it i'll be sure to email it to you
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    Helping the new students with legal studies notes

    Hey guys, I done my HSC this year and was top of my class in legal studies. I averaged 90's in each exam and assessment with 91% in half yearly 94% in my trials. All 90's for my assessment tasks which included presentations and in class assessment exams. I have really good notes following each...
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    2011 HSCers offer tutoring?

    I done economics and most likely smashed the HSC I can help you out if you need notes or anything don't think I can tutor though ill wait for results to come out and let you know inbox me if you need any simple questions and help
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    The question with the synchronised clocks

    Lol i even gave an example of it .. That's pretty much what i said though but explained through time dilation out of the 4 marks what am i expecting do you think ??
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    Hey what did you put for short answers: ratification of HR and sovereignty?

    This was my structure for tackling the question. - Introduce issue ... extent of issue... ( human trafficking and slavery ) - Define state sovereignty - ultimate law making power of a state its ability to govern its own internal affairs without outside interference and their ability to make...
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    The question with the synchronised clocks

    In my answer i referred to the simultaneity b/s i.e. events occurring in one frame of reference aren't always the same in another frame of reference ... I talked about time dilation aswell though.. moving clock moves slower than a stationary one i.e. on earth .. what was the answer suppose to be?
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    Section I - Multiple Choice

    Can't go to trial before being charged.
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    Section I - Multiple Choice

    Human rights are enforceable ... Your tellin me they haven't enforced labour human rights such as working age ?? How could you be so adamant its c lol ?
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    Section II - Core: Crime and Human Rights

    Love your points .. Can't believe legal aid never came to me in the exam
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    Section I - Multiple Choice

    You have a couple wrong the ones I am sure of is that 7 is d , 10 d , 11, d ,
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    Section II - Core: Crime and Human Rights

    Haha used r-v-skaf aswell diddnt know the date so I just put down 2000
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    Section I - Multiple Choice

    Raise your feet it's age of the victim ... Not knowing the consequences of his actions is being negligent which isn't really a aggravating factor .. For example negligence in murder often results in the charge being man slaughter so that's not really aggravating .. Like the guy up their said...
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    Section II - Core: Crime and Human Rights

    I was about to drop dead with laughter until I saw this .. Thank you Someone who had studied and knew the syllabus .. The question was easy it pretty much said ok listen use any part of the syllabus you want and answer this question I talked about Criminal trial process , young offenders...
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    Section I - Multiple Choice

    Judge is correct .. The role of the judge is to conduct trial by the rule of the law direct the jury in their role.. Permit relevant evidence bla bla jury has no role in answering questions of the law they sit shut up and give a verdict