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    How should Bfs response to the tough questions by their GFs?

    Why look down on people just because they take care of themselves.. look good, feel good. look pimp, feel pimp.
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    im in a relationship atm and is *curious*

    dont be a fucking loser. if you like her, getting bangs and shit, shoudnlt matter at the rub and tug, its like 150 bux anyway. biattch
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    HSC v. BF

    you people speak as if your goign to get a bf/gf as soon as your "restrictions" are gone. keep dreaming foolz
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    is it weird when the girl is heaps taller than the guy?

    its only weird if theyre ugly
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    Are you too shy to approach a girl / guy? Ideas?

    just fire up you sad sluts and do it. dont think about waht your going to say or do. just do it. and if it deostn work out. well it doesnt work out. life goes on
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    How do you get a girl to like you?

    use social proof. make sure she knows you have friends that are cool. if your not, just find someone who likes you. if they dont your fucked , sorry mate
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    First dates

    depends, you cant take her somewhere expensive and expect her to pay half.
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    The thing that confuses/shits me about chiks

    its a handsome thing, you wouldnt understand
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    I really like my best friend.

    yeah no shit, thats why shes your best friend. just invite her over and tell her you is getting hornies and you dunno why
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    My sad story

    you are a fucking loser mate, its true you dont deserve her. you are a pussy. grow some bols .
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    The thing that confuses/shits me about chiks

    its a handsome thing, you wouldnt understand.
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    would u ever marry some1 u neva had sex with??

    wtf.... ofcourse it feels better. much better. ya fuggin FOOL
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    uai <30 =)

    you should have just dropped out in year ten. your hsc isnt going to help u. have a good life.
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    Your Parents. What do they think?

    yeah, its not his fault everyones smarter than him.
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    Confidence builder....... I hope

    your dumber than i thought
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    new hsc students, how do u feel?

    hsc is easy. just study. just do it.
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    arrrrrrrgggggggggggghhhhhh! One more day!

    youll know approx ur uai from your hsc marks. good luck
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    Too short?

    just fuck her then if she complains buy her a ten inch dildo.