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    Physics Duty Tutors?

    Does anyone know the timings and room for these sessions? IIRC, my lecturer said its tues-fri : from 1-4pm. but ive recently checked the usyd site, and it said 1-2pm. :( can anyone confirm this?
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    When can I change(add/remove) my units of study? and other problems..

    Ive went for Usyd enrolment today, and ive decided that I wish to change my chosen electives. Does anyone know when I can change them? (and ive heard that im restricted to a max of 10 changes) Another prob is that, i realised(long after the enrolment), that I'm short of 3 CP for the year...
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    2010 Universities ATAR cut offs

    link here: I hope everyone got into their preferred course:sun:
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    UAC offers open NOW!

    link: best of luck everyone:sun: