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  1. TamzidZ

    You guys think uni's are gonna be easier to get in for 2020?

    Cause of all the covid repercussions like job cuts and much lower numbers of international students uni's have to get the money from somewhere right? Would they be letting more people in?
  2. TamzidZ

    Anyone have any SDD past papers

    Bro SDD barely gets any love smh. Can't find much online 😢
  3. TamzidZ

    Bored of studies esports team

    I reckon this would be poggers. Thoughts?
  4. TamzidZ

    Bois anyone wanna trade papers 3u/4u

    This is what I got so far. HMU if you see something spicy here.
  5. TamzidZ

    Am i blind or does UTS not have a B comp sci/B Engineering Double degree

    I found the B engineering/ b science degree but the science degree didn't have an option for a major in computer science. Does it mean the double degree I'm thinking of doesn't exist at UTS?
  6. TamzidZ

    Kinda wanna sit a crisp hand written 1900s HSC paper

    Ya know a hand written paper feels like some love and affection was put into it. Only me?