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  1. Vidhya

    How do you strum a ukulele?

    I just got one today and I've tried using the side of my thumb, my index finger, pretending there's a pick in my hand and using all my fingers in a ~sweeeping~ motion None of these felt comfortable and I couldn't pick up the strumming speed Do you just get used to it or
  2. Vidhya

    Advice on what I should do to transfer?

    So I got a relatively low ATAR for combined law (95.75) and I'm wanting to do Int Studies/Law at either Usyd or UNSW but I don't know if I should do Int Studies at UNSW for a year and apply for an internal transfer (as it is 100% based on how you went in the degree) or do the same at Usyd (but...
  3. Vidhya

    Extension 1 English!

    Do you think they will ask for three prescribed texts? And what do you think they will ask as the creative? I'm doing Crime Fiction :l
  4. Vidhya

    Projectile question? From Fitzpatrick 3U

    Question 24 from excercise 25 (d) Find the speed and direction of a particle which, when projected from a point 15m above the horizontal ground, just cleared the top of a wall 26.25m high and 30m away. I've tried a few things but the numbers are getting really messy and it's not working...
  5. Vidhya

    How difficult is it to get an E4?

    Or maybe even 45+ in this subject? I'm looking back at my story and there are some errors that make me want to repeatedly hit my head on a stone wall. My story is not postmodern or nihilistic or an evaluation of how useless life is but it's quite simple and with a happy, hopeful ending. One...
  6. Vidhya

    Cation/anion analysis?

    How specifically do we need to do the different ways of analysis? Do we need to know the colours of flame tests and whether specific mixtures of solutions are soluble or insoluble? Thankyou!
  7. Vidhya

    Estimate my ATAR please peeps?

    My guess of my rank after the trials. English Adv: 1/85 English Ext 1: 1/9 English ext 2: 1/5 Maths advanced: 3/41 Maths Extension: 3/14 Chemistry: 2/24 Visual Arts: 1/11 School rank is 100-105 (don't remember exactly) By the way, our maths cohort are doing not so well...quite badly...