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    Bachelor of Commerce/Economics

    It probably has been answered before but I couldn't find and it may have changed, Can you complete 3 majors for this degree, i.e Finance, Economics and Accounting majors? Thanks in advance
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    ECON1203 project help

    One of the key performance indicators is that "the average customer spends more than $255 per day in excess of accommodation costs" I am just wondering what is the null hypothesis in this case, is it H0: U=255 or H0: U≥255 or Ho: U>255 Any help would be much appreciated
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    Maths in an economics degree

    I am doing an economics degree but I only did 2U maths, is the maths tough and is there any courses with hard mathematical concepts
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    Back to back classes

    Is it possible to have back to back classes and not risk being late for example, having a 12-1 class and than a 1-2 class
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    Bachelor of economics at UNSW

    Firstly, I attained an ATAR of 92.90 and can receive 2 bonus points from a band 5 in maths and last years cut off was 94.3, how likely is it to fluctuate that much?, so should I be able to get in?, Secondly, what is the course like and how good are the job opportunities after it. Help from...
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    Bachelor of economics at USYD

    Does anyone know of anyone or does a bachelor of economics themselves and know of whether it is a worthwhile course to do, any help is much appreciated.
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    Bachelor of business and commerce (advanced business leadership), what's it like?

    As this degree requires an ATAR of 92.00 to get into, is this course reputable and is a good course to choose as I didn't quite get enough to do commerce at Sydney which requires 94. Any help or insight will be much appreciated
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    ATAR estimate

    School rank - 200 English (standard)- 7/110 (89/105 for CSSA trial) Mathematics (2U)- 20/30 (50/100 for CSSA trial) Studies of Religion 1- 9/54 (41/50 for CSSA trial) Business Studies- 10/40 (79/100 for CSSA trial) Economics- 2/4 (71/100 for Independent trial) Geography- 2/26 (80/100 for...