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    Explanation of HSC Marks (Moderating)

    Not for Maths Extension 2 :)
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    Talent 100

    Lol @ the sudden change of opinion of this thread from animosity and suspicion against talent 100, to a few eeringly positive testimonials in favour of talent100 amidst general animosity and suspicion. Makes me wonder if that Richard Chua fellow said to some of his students "go on BoS and say...
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    Prior Vs TSFX

    correct me if i'm wrong but isnt tsfx melbourne based? and their expertise lies with the VIC ENTER system, not ours. Not sure abt the quality of their hsc lectures (they dont have an office in Sydney I think) but i've never been
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    Private coaching vs Centre based coaching?

    private is best, but you can rarely find yourself a proper teacher who knows his/her stuff, instead of a recent hsc grad who has one perspective of the hsc to offer. And even if you can find such a teacher, could you afford it? the good ones i'm referring to cost upwards of $50/hr +
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    Location for a New tuition centre

    parra, cuz I live close :)
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    Tuition centres should be: Specialist or General?

    I think the specialist model will do more good for most students. Personally I would prefer a private tutor for subjects like English (due to the sheer amount of different modules out there) but wouldnt mind going to a place for maths/sciences as they usually have proper teachers and materials.
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    Best tutoring colleges

    There are some great ones and some terrible ones. By the way what do youall think about the older ones like Preuni, James an and Nth shore?? Are they as terrible as people say?
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    Coaching rates?

    private $30 an hour is reasonable, depending on qualifications and how well spoken the tutor is. For class tutoring, $30/hr is also the norm, as you get the benefit of the private materials and notes of your college, and also being taught by a proper teacher
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    Is it suicide to do both Extension 2 courses (Eng + Maths)?

    My older bro did 4u English and 4u Maths, no regrets. You do need 4 subjects to count towards your hsc tho, and mx1 and 2 and eng1 and eng2 counts as one subject each, so you'd need to do 2 extra randoms, which is usually eco,chem, physics etc
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    A mans "new" role...?

    Double standards are old news, truth is genetically and biologically us women like to be protected and nurtured. But sometimes we also like to feel independent.
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    single eyelids vs double eyelids

    My friend recently had double eyelid surgery, it takes a full few years to heal fully, but after that she'll look better than she did before. Double eyelid = makes your eyes look bigger, like a natural eyeshadow = pretty