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    hey, is there any parties beside the party week parties at the gold coast?

    i dont want to dress up , its gay.
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    how much are beers at octobefest tomroroew
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    math 1131 tutorial

    does anyone know waht room it is 12- 1 monday
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    BIT Co-op Acceptance

    Hi I got an unsw BIT coop scholarship. and got an offer for bacehlor of science ( info sys/ BIT) do i just accept this one ? how do i know im not accept for the 3 year bachelor of science info sys? thanx
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    Do We Enrol In Person For Uws?

    I made it to policing, do i have to enrol in person?
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    How do we enrol>?

    Do we have to do it in person?
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    Is the acceptance letter for B science Info tech and BIT differnt fo scholars of coop

    Is the acceptance letter for B science Info tech/ BIT differnt for scholars of coop ???
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    School ranks

    anyone who got the paper want to list da schools yo?
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    Uts It

    can anyone tell me what kind of questions they ask in the UTS IT interview?
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    P(a cos@, bsin @) lies on the ellipse x^2/b^2 +y^2/b^2 = 1. The normal at P cuts the x-axis at X and the y-axis at Y. Show that PX/PY = b^2/a^2. help if you can thanx
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    P(a cos @ , bsin @) and Q[acos (-@), b sin (-@)] are extremities of the latus rectum x = a/e of the ellipse x^2/b^2 +y^2/b^2 = 1 1) show that PQ has length 2(b^2/a) help
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    sketch the graph y^2 = x^2(1-x) and find the area of the loop i keep getting 4/15 but the answer is 8/15 but i also sqrted both sides and worked with y = x sqrt(1-x) which i dont know if im allowed
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    Sketching trig functions

    i have a mathomat (those mats with shapes and stuff) and on it there are sine and cos graphs, but the pi are like 1 cm and 2 cm apart. my teacher said it should around 3 cm apart which i know is true is it still okay to use these curves using normal 1cm grids or do i have to change the...
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    is it possible to find k if e^(kx)=0 thanx