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    Mathematics - General thoughts on the exam

    |-|4h4, 3x(3||3n7 3n6|15h 5k1||5 ;) Hehe, aslong as you didn't write like that in English, I'm sure you'll be fine with your UAI ;) Anyway, I found the test easy and difficult at times...To me it really wasn't that great a test. I found the previous tests much easier. For me, I'll pass, might...
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    The thing is, I knew alot of the information about Nefertiti, generally I mean...And because of that and no further looking into it, I didn't have any sources...When I referred to he depictions with the double cartouche, I didn't know where it came from....Not that I mentioned it but I could be...
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    Pompeii and Herculaneum Food Question

    Exactly right... You'll notice that in all other pompeii and other ancient history questions that they will specify whether or not they want other source or information with the lines "Using your own knowledge" and "Using other sources", so you were only supposed to talk about the food...
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    Your thoughts on the exam

    the only thing was was that the food uestion never asked for "your own knowledge" or "other sources" basically it was impossible to take it out of context and talk about other food places like bakeries....and I couldn't talk about brothels :(
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    Your thoughts on the exam

    Hang on a tick...If you did amenhotep as the new kingdom society then akhenaten, how could you do seti I? new kingdom in the second section and akhenaten then new kingdom in the last section... How does that work?
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    Your thoughts on the exam

    Most people, myself included, finished like 5-10minutes early...Even the "pro"s of our class, did anyone else have time to spare?
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    What mark do you think you'll get?

    core = 20* society = 18* personality = 17 period = 16 It may not be too good to some people but I feel pretty confident in it and I'm an average student...was ;) *= perhaps more
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    Your thoughts on the exam

    I feel surprisingly confident in this exam...It was good a pompeii section, ramesside period, was slightly tough with the confusing second question (only 2 marks thankfully) Akhenaten I think was adequate enough, usiing sources appropriatly and such... The last question however amenhotep 3-...
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    Did your study for paper 1 pay off in the end?

    me ingrish studeez benefitted me muchly I tink umpossible phail.
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    so who cheated?

    Theyd check the ones they thought were lying and cheating and such...English does not double mark tests like other subjects... Plus the fact that it is not marked in one go does not mean that they'd have a 61,000 paper pile now would they? :P Just...Blow it out of proportion for the next time...
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    General Thoughts: English Paper 1 2006

    @ObjectInSpace: Creative writing asks "Write in a form appropriate to your purpose" you could essentially write in a feature article form...Although I would say its not the most clever
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    so who cheated?

    From what I hear teachers are given a random stash of tests from a couple of schools and they are marked...The teacher would then check and recheck for the copied essay by comparing...They would tell the big head guy and it would be up to his/her discreetion as to what happens...I don't think it...
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    The only positive thing I've seen from use of that book :-D
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    so who cheated?

    Geez, while your at it why don't you just write backwards on your forehead then bring in a personal mirror into the exam...That way you can look at your notes and shine the reflection of the mirror at others! People who cheat because they didn't bother studying to try and remember things...
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    General Thoughts: English Paper 1 2006

    Hmmm I'll remove the first part of my physical journey intro coz its not needed but at the end I went: "Through the study of the texts [list] it is possible to learn that the interpretation of the new is an important part of a physical journey" so basically to me that translated to "I agree that...
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    How many pages did you write altogether?

    16 and a tiny bit... I'm glad that nobody has ticked the 35-40 and over... :D
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    Quality over Quantity

    I wrote roughly (Coz of those little bits hanging off the end of the pages :P) 16 pages all up...I'm sure I "waffled" in the second section but I was procise in the third section... My writing changes in size alot of times...Its typically small in height but I can sometimes draw out my letters...
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    General Thoughts: English Paper 1 2006

    The whole test I thought was relativley easy...Provided that I actually did try hard at ruling out all possible things that would throw me off...Luckily there weren't really any...I was expecting things like "do a radio interview" or "write a feature article"... So I'm happy with what I did :D
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    The World of Pick-Up Line

    I've used this on several occasions...Never to pick up, but just because I find the line so hilarious... Its good to see a shocked reaction...Although most of these pickup lines would see a similar reaction :P "If you and I were both squirrels, could I but a nut up in your hole?"