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    Please help me make a decision :( ... its killing me

    i do know that in an arts degree in UNSW, u can major in economics, along with another arts major. not exactly sure about the commerce units in an Arts degree though. I reckon UTS Business would be the best option, where u can transfer later on to a combined law degree.
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    UNSW bonus points system

    dw mate! you'll easily get in!
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    sry man! ur right and im wrong! good on ya m8!

    sry man! ur right and im wrong! good on ya m8!
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    hareesh? lol yeah ur right

    hareesh? lol yeah ur right
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    yeah! do i know u?

    yeah! do i know u?
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    Relax - They'll be over soon :)

    November 2- can't wait!!!!
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    Difference between bachelor and major courses

    If U are referring to UNSW- the following applies. Actually the economics major u do in BEco and BArts are the same. However in BEco, u can do 2 eco majors, or one eco/ one comm major. Whereas in BArts, u do 1 arts major/1 eco major (if that's what u desire)
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    Jersey name suggestions?

    mike is 1/cosc
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    What to drop?

    srsly <shadowdude> and <corvid> don't judge people if u don't have proof!!! hospo has poor scaling- check the scaling pdf at uac- the scaled mark is lowwer than a subject like advanced english, bio, chem, etc where u can get a scaled mark of 50/50. Lmao at calling UAC an incorrect website!
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    what jobs earns most money?

    apparently plumbers, bricklayers and welders get a shit load of money- lol to those who think doctors/lawyers earn the riches. btw what <azure> said is pretty much true- do what you're passionate at- money will usually follow!
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    Applied Finance vs. Actuary vs. Economics

    good on u m8! good luck!
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    Applied Finance vs. Actuary vs. Economics

    that's definitely true, however, fluent mandarin is recommended in mainland China lols
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    What is the Difference Between..

    seeing from ur previous posts- ur definitely confused! Just go with what you like- rather than chasin the money. AT UNSW(or at other unis maybe?) theres a 3 week period when you start uni- where you can switch and change courses- easy for u considering ur aim is 99.7 ATAR!
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    Applied Finance vs. Actuary vs. Economics

    of course- you could be a quant analyst/ or a trader at Investment banks/ prop trading firms etc but if u dislike actuarial after first yr- then finance/adv(maths) could be a very good option!
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    Prelim Economics results

    + 1 Year 11 focusses on the fundamentals- whereas yr12 concentrates on real-world economic issues. I find the beauty of economics is that you can find interconnections with all topics- hence makin it way easier to study! Funnily enough i did tonnes better in yr12 then yr 11( cause i tried...
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    Applied Finance vs. Actuary vs. Economics

    lols unsw actuarial donno what they're talkin about! i know the facts after speaking to mq actuarial students( ones with D/HD AVERAGE) at mq open day! GO to mq if u wanna do actuarial!
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    Applied Finance vs. Actuary vs. Economics

    lol actuarial is statistics/probability to an exponential level!
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    Applied Finance vs. Actuary vs. Economics

    well, ok i guess you could try it for a yr and see how it goes! But seriously, what I mean is whether u enjoy maths/ or maths comes easily to u/ if that's the case then by all means go for it! However, it's hard to get an actuarial job even with a Credit average/ u gotta aim for d/hd average...
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    What to drop?

    drop food-tech- as apparently the marks are capped. yr 12 chem gets wayy more interesting so i'd say keep it, esp if u wanna do med/dent! And keep PE as a back-up!