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    When is your last exam, and what are doing right after it?

    ........ at my boyfriend's house :D edit: ;) and go out guilt-free (turned 18 at the beginning of this month...) and play BORDERLANDS!!! so epic work to save for travel and then SCHOOLIES
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    So who didn't title their story

    page count: 7/9/13... my hand was about to fall off by the end >< thank god I read the last question... ONE related.... fewf!
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    Belonging Creative Writing Ideas

    Have you read the Namesake by any chance? as in, one of the PRESCRIBED TEXTS which is about EXACTLY that. For gods sake, do NOT do that as your creative, unless you want 0. Namesake is more about perceptions.. and a novel, so it is longer.. but don't go near the whole second generation...
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    Belonging Creative Writing Ideas

    +1 That's the one with Dicaprio.. yeah? I HATED THE END
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    I cant get romeo off my mind...its killing me! :(

    Haham he's your first boyfried - of course you have massive butterflies. It will (most likely, not trying to be meanr) die down and you will get over each other If not (this is what happened to me at the beginning of year 11, still with the same guy) you will have to learn how to manage...
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    Presents for your significant other

    Yah, I just turned 18 and my bf is 21 It so is not too old! Men just mature later in life...
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    Presents for your significant other

    At least he doesn't buy everything for himself already As in "I'm sick of this TV, I'll buy a new one that's even bigger" Or "Oh, I was just checking I had the most upgraded logitech keyboard/mouse/speakers for my computer" He is impossible. All he ever suggests if I ask (Anniversary...
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    How's this for a 3U creative?

    What topic is this? Navigating? I do Romanticism, but from looking at what you're trying to present.. it's a little hard to follow. How is he going to show he feels/seems worthless? At the point of checking the time, he needs a thought that reflects that. Sorry, but I have no clue about...
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    Romanticism creative writing

    Romanticism is about a set of ideas and values. Yes, I guess they could be in a modern context but that would be difficult. The idea of Romanticism was to challenge the emerging values, which have now engulfed our society today Religious mobs have started to diminish (+1) and there is a bit...
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    There is no specific set limit... You just have to make sure you have explored each text (a poet is considered 'one text') in enough depth I'm doing limetree and frost for Coleridge Ode to Nightingale, Autumn and Fancy for Keats a reaallllly long poem by Goldsmith and a painting :)...
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    Romanticism creative writing

    My creative (which got me full marks) is set during the time period I didn't just have someone walking around saying nature is awesome My character (female) was addressing the issue of child labour (which involves research, and terms which you must have researched before, increasing...
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    Pedophile Ferguson can't be forced to move

    Doesn't anyone else realise that he has been in and out of jail multiple times? He isn't forced to get rehabilitation, though many pedos do choose to do hormone therapy as they want to prevent themselves from re offending. If he was serious about not doing anything again, he would at least admit...
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    Romanticism Essay - How are you structuring it? (Thematic or Text by Text)

    no, NO! THEMATIC!!!!! Must be IDEAS BASED. NOT TEXT BASE (I'm doing Romanticism too) In my speech (40%) I got full marks - it was a wide topic, so basically an essay which you stand up and say This is the structure you MUST use. We are doing extension one, not standard. You can get...
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    Pedophile Ferguson can't be forced to move

    They all deserve life. They fucked up someone else, so they should be fucked up in return.
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    Pedophile Ferguson can't be forced to move

    and eye for an eye? I'm sorry, but molestation is one crime where that does not happen. That is destroying a child's life, so his life should be destroyed in turn. Rape/molestation/paedophilia are equal to murder, as they cause pain throughout the victims life. If you think the way he is treated...
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    URGENT HELP !! PROBABILITY trials 2moro :(

    at least one head out of how many tosses?
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    are English staff the most incompetent? they stuffed up our trial examination...

    If you mean Paper II, we didn't find out until after In terms of the repeated paper, that would be soooo stupid because they will not make us redo it again. Even is the whole grade fucked around, we would get the marks that we received. Maybe the rebels without a cause will do this? Most...
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    are English staff the most incompetent? they stuffed up our trial examination...

    they can't do that for sure!! because the students who had seen the texts knew them better, they would have had longer for the essays... it depends on how people split their time personally, can't force us to do it in 40 mins, it defeats the purpose. its like making us only do paper one over...