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  1. Eagles

    Plan Your Degree (commerce)

    This is a spreadsheet that I made for a friend Derek -> Major in Accounting/Finance. (CA accrediated courses) Tim -> Major in Accounting/ Economics. For CPA substitute the last legt subject (business taxatation, from memory) for infs1602...
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    Question for graduates/honor students.

    Question for graduates/honor students. I've been told that these subjects are a killer combination. ACCT3718 - Auditing and Assurance Services (Honours) ACCT3573 - Issues in Financial Reporting and Analysis (Honours) FINS3616 - International Business Finance FINS3640 - Investment...
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    TV Tuner for notebooks

    ANyone got any recommendations? Leadtek DTV Dongle USB2.0 was recommended to me by the guys at computer world. thanks!
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    unstacking word docs/

    Ok, Situation: I'm typing up several word documents at a time. Problem: XP has a function which keeps every single document in a single button in the taskbar. How does one disable this? More info: This is very annoying cus.. when i wanna switch to the other doc, i have to minimize the...
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    accounting/finance salaries

    from cpa australia.. hmm maybe I should hop careers..:eek:
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    Commerce part time

    Ok, just got a cadetship (yay!).. now needa consider my uni times. How is it..? Do i needa reapply thru student centre, or do I just enroll in 12 UOC? oh, and i dont get the concession pass anymore.. is that correct? cheers! DRINKS ALL ROUND!! MY SHOUT!! :cool:
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    Accountancy Firms

    ok.. I've only heard about the big 4. KPMG, E&Y, Deloitte, PWC. but what about the top 20/50.. is there a list of that? Reason I'm asking.. is I'm willing to apply for ANY positions available in those firms. I want work experience. bad. :(
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    Alrights.. I can't resist it any more!! Who else loves to shoot pool/billards?
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    probability (simple)

    ok.. I can't think tonight. 10 competitors, 4 chosen randomly for drug tests, 3 of them are Japanese whats the probability that the sample contains at least one Japanese competitior? Answer: .8333 (how'd they get that) sample space = 10C4 = 210....
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    management major

    ok.. is anyone doing this? and what's it like?
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    cse cafe

    Hey guys.. quick question. Can anyone tell me where da cse cafe is???
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    Big W tips

    Hey guys, Any tips for an interview at Big W? They finally called me!!:) thanks peoples!!!
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    My proudest work - Frontline

    Go here for full thread + discussions: Module C: Telling the truth, IMO is THE most useful thing we'll ever learn in our english study during highschool. It teaches us to think for...
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    Foundation day

    Have anyone done it before? They sent an email asking for volunteers..
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    So, anyone else playing? lol, time to start researching. I'm so excited. :D
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    Burger theorys

    Burger theorys: An analogy to writing english. made this thread since I've explained most of it in: This is my basic hamburger theory that should get above average. Meatburgers is better except it takes so much longer to...
  17. Eagles

    Not enrolled????

    Ok, this just freaked the mickys outta me this morning!!!!!!! I found out along the day that my friends also have the same notice: I mean, I'm enrolled in the lectures, have my tuts allocated and all... Does anyone have a logical explaination?????
  18. Eagles

    Joining COMSOC

    hi, quick question: where/how can I join if I missed the COMSOC stall in the o week thing? I went on wednesday.. it apparently opened at 3pm.. but I was on the tour which ended at 4 (starts at 2).. and by the time I got back, it was gonnne!! :eek: thanks.
  19. Eagles

    Trials vs HSC

    Which is better for practice (for the HSC)? I'm high on trials papers right now..
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    Some policy questions..

    1. Why are monetary and fiscal policies seen as demand-side instruments? (no idea, but I'm thinking that this has something to do with the circular flow of income) 2. Outline the current use of monetary and fiscal policies by the Federal Government? monetary is still midly expansionary...