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  1. upishcat

    Accepting offers from rounds question

    Hello I would just like to ask that if I accept the offer which I got for December Round 2 and then I get another offer for January Round 1 and I want to accept that instead is it possible to cancel the first offer which I accepted from December Round 2?
  2. upishcat

    Is THSC down?

    I have tried downloading some tests off of THSC today. The paper links seem to be broken. Any ideas on when it might be back up?
  3. upishcat

    Ali Cobby Eckermann 'Inside my mother' notes

    Anybody got notes on her poems? Anything would be much appreciated
  4. upishcat

    Im looking for a question bank for integration

    As the the title says I'm looking for a question bank for integration to practice. Can include things like worksheets or test papers etc. I prefer they include 2u, 3u and 4u integration.
  5. upishcat

    This question is breaking my head

    where do I even start???
  6. upishcat

    Advanced Maths practice paper

    Hey guys so I would like to ask if anyone has any advanced maths practice papers based on graphs, derivatives and motion because I have a test coming up in 5 days. Any help is much appreciated, thanks.
  7. upishcat

    Help me this one complex number question

    I turned z1 and z2 into modulus argument form so I got z1 = cos(pi/2)+isin(pi/2) and z2= cos(pi/4)+isin(pi/4) but I dont know how to prove arg(z1+z2) as I had never seen this identity before.
  8. upishcat

    Need a practice test based on mathematical induction and trig. equations 3U

    If anyone has any papers based on mathematical induction and trigonometric equations for 3U would be much appreciated.
  9. upishcat

    Previous year practice tests

    Hey guys Im one of the year 12 students for 2020 and I have any upcoming extension 1 maths tests coming in roughly 2 weeks from now. I would just like to ask if anyone has Assessment task 1 previous year tests for me to practice on. Any help would be much appreciated.