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  1. captainpigs

    2014 Exam Preparation

    Thread for resources for new legislation, articles, etc.
  2. captainpigs

    Legal Studies Essay Help

    If anyone wants to post essay questions or anything they are having trouble with I'm happy to give some advice
  3. captainpigs

    HSC Legal Studies Tutoring $30p/h

    Hey all, I completed my HSC in 2012 and achieved a mark of 94 in Legal Studies. I would like to offer my tutoring services to anyone undertaking the HSC who needs some extra help. I am based in Western Sydney however I can travel to places such as libraries or houses as long as they aren't too...
  4. captainpigs

    AUS POLITICS GOVT 1001 2012 Exam

    Can someone tell me what was in it please?
  5. captainpigs

    DRAMA IP Guide: Promotion and Program

    If your doing drama in year 12, I hope this helps if your considering picking Promotion and Program as your IP. Firstly, I did promotion and program and it is an enjoyable process because the difference between drafts and final products are amazing and you feel proud of your creativity and end...
  6. captainpigs

    australian theatre question was horrible

    anyone else agree?
  7. captainpigs


    does like anyone else in the state do biology besides like 5 schools? LOL
  8. captainpigs

    Independant Trial Paper 2012

    any thoughts? anyone have trouble with the paper?