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    Calendar = disabled ?

    I get this trying to access the calendar is this just on my account or is it not working for everyone?
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    2004 site?

    hmm details please
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    Whats up with the poll?

    You know the poll thingy on the top right hand corner of the main page? Yes, right, well for me it always has some dodgy error like "Poll ID 0 does not exist" You guys might wanna look into fixing that, then again you might not, but im telling u about it anyway.
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    Suggestion: News Tracker

    I think we should put onto the site some sort of news tracker, and whenever an article is published about the HSC or BoS or Universities then it should be added to this page with a link to the article and maybe a place for people to comment. found this on some other site.. had a seperate...
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    2003 Board of Studies HSC Statistics now Online

    2003 HSC Achievers Lists now Online at Board of Studies All Rounders List: Distinguished Achievers List: First Place in Course List...
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    Top 120 Schools 2003

    Thanks to LaZy_KoReAn for typing the list out =) According to the Daily Telegraph, these are the top 10 schools for 2003. (It lists the top 120 but im only typing out the top 10. - Its on page 22 for those of you with the paper) They are ranked by the number of Honours Mentions (band 6's)...
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    Last years results forum

    Where did all the posts from last years HSC Results/UAI's go. Did they all get deleted from the forums or archived somewhere that i cant find?
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    Daily Telegraph: Where to get your full HSC Merit List,4057,8206631%255E1242,00.html
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    Can i get Notes from the Marking Center yet?

    Does anyone know if we can get these now that all the results are out, and if so where from? If not yet, when should these become available?
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    Full Paper available for Official Download

    The full Physics 2003 HSC Exam Paper is now avaliable on the Official Board of Studies site:
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    Geography Paper available for Official Download

    The full paper is now avaliable to download from the official board of studies site.
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    Section 2 of exam doesnt seem to reflect the syllabus at all.

    Ok, ive just summarised the whole course based on the syllabus. Then i looked at the 2001 and 2002 exams.. and i was like WTF.... did they use a different syllabus or somehting... because i know the entire course and i mean section 2 they are really not asking for knowledge based on the...
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    Notes from the marking centre

    anyone know when these come online?
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    SMH: Quick sweep through history for HSC students
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    Q7 2001 paper

    can someone explain how to do it?
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    Q9 and Q10

    ok for (b) WTF! Did anyone get this question... and the fish thing in part (c) What The!? Q10 (a) was alright but Q10 (b)... OMG
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    What will the Ecosystems at risk essay be on?

    I myself am hoping for an essay on management strategies or human impacts, because this is basically all i am prepared for.
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    Should i submit my notes to the site before i delete them?

    I was wondering, should i submit all my typed notes and planned essays to the BoS site, or do u guys already have enough, or english syllabus changing again next year rendering them useless anyway?
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    Questions seemed easier and more general then last 2 years?

    Does anyone else agree, or is it just me?
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    Those who got to keep their exam paper...

    Can someone scan it in and upload to the site?