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  1. -Cake-or-Death-

    Transfer from Int studies at MQ to Int Studies at UNSW

    hey everybody Well i tried getting into unsw however my uai of 86 was not quite good enough to get me into UNSW int studies. However after a year at MQ this is how my situation appears GPA: 3.2 out of 4 WAM: 71 UAI: 86 Do i have a chance of getting into Int Studies or is it a long shot and...
  2. -Cake-or-Death-

    Combine law or masters degree?

    Hey guys Im currently studying Int Studies at MQ and just about to finnish my first year. I know its a bit early to consider these options but I was wondering what others might think. I hope to obtain a career with the government in diplomacy, mainly based on defence policy or something of that...
  3. -Cake-or-Death-

    Info concerning the new railway works at Macqurie

    Heres some information i came across at the cityrail site Its a Brochure that gives you a fair amount of information hope this helps although it doesnt give an exact date of when it will commence services :mad:
  4. -Cake-or-Death-

    Int studies at UNSW or MAQ

    Ive been deciding between the two choices. Macquarie has a cut off of 80.05 which i can easily get into yet in comparison to unsw's int studies corse it seems to have less expertise. However the uai cut off is higher at UNSW (94.25) which creates the probem of either doing Int studies at...