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  1. bassqueen16

    The Bionic Woman (2007)

    Who's gonna watch? It starts October 4 on Channel 7 and is by the same people as the reimagined series of Battlestar Galactica Theres previews on Youtube if you wanna look :)
  2. bassqueen16

    Sci Fi Channel- New to Foxtel as of December 1st

    Just stumbled upon the Sci Fi channel's Australian counterpart, Sci Fi TV will be launching on Foxtel on the 1st of December, saw that it'll have shows such as Battlestar Galactica, Stargate, Firefly etc... Not much on the site yet, but what does everyone think of the lineup??
  3. bassqueen16

    Yes I know, not another one but....

    I need at least a UAI of about 75, im wondering if this is possible with my current trial assessments and ranks etc: Studies of Religion II: Mark- 60/100 Rank- =18/22 Ancient History: Mark- 70/100 Rank- 12/38 Chemistry: Mark- 32/100 (yes i know :() Rank- 5/7 English Advanced: Mark-...
  4. bassqueen16

    asking out a guy

    dunno if this has been done before, but girls- if u have done it any tips? and is it a high rejection rate or me no know??? kkthx champs :)
  5. bassqueen16

    Tattooing and Piercing?

    my sister is obsessed with this career path, which tafe course or industry apprenticeship would give her the qualifications to do this? kkthxbye
  6. bassqueen16


    if u've got the album, or listen to triple j or like me, are a pirate... post ur thoughts on the latest offering from A Fire Inside (AFI) TA, <3 and kisses Sof
  7. bassqueen16

    Any DARTers at Five Dock RTA?

    If so, got any tips i should look out for in the area, i live around there so i think i should be right but i dun wanna be caught out.. sif waste of $41... ta peeps
  8. bassqueen16

    Attn Indoor Soccer Players!!!

    HI do you play indoor soccer? IF so do you find its good to do a sport during the HSC? My friends and I have had a team since Year 9 in our Indoor league and some people arent playing this year because they think its too much time to waste (when its 30 mins a game one night a week...) ANYWAY any...
  9. bassqueen16

    40s party dresses?

    Hi I'm having a 40s themed 18th next month and i was wondering if anyone knew good vintage shops/websites or anything to help me out, i wanna be the belle of the ball :) If anyone can help out or if anyones been to a 40s party and has fotos or whatever id be greatly appreciated, cheers! Sofie :)
  10. bassqueen16

    Major work proposal

    Hi, our teacher hasn't specified a proposal due date or anything, we just need to think about our ideas and what we think we might do... im very interested in celtic mythology and in particular the Arthurian legend of Tristan and Iseult... I'd greatly appreciate any opinions on this choice and...
  11. bassqueen16

    Decent car under 6k?

    As the title suggests, is this possible? I'm in the market for a car and thats how much i have and i wanted to know if u can get a good car for this much money? Im after a small car, pref 5door and auto but manual would be ok if the rest of the car is good... thanks
  12. bassqueen16

    Car Auctions

    HI just wanting to know ur opinions on them... can u get a good buy at an auction? I have about 6k to buy a smallish car and went to one tonite just to check it out, they seemed cheap like round 3-4k but is that really a good buy? Advice appreciated! TA
  13. bassqueen16

    Bachelor of Education graduates/students come here!

    Hi im in Year 12 2006 and I was just wondering: *Do you enjoy the degree? *What specific degree do you do? *What subjects did you do for the HSC to get into the degree? *Any hints/tips in regards to the Faculty of Education and Social Work?? ANY help is GREATLY appreciated THANK YOU!!! :)
  14. bassqueen16

    What to buy your BF/GF for Christmas?

    Have you already bought something, what'd u get... anyone got some good ideas :P