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    Speech pathology at ACU

    Hey guys, currently doing speech and hearing at MQ but was thinking of transferring and wanted to know what the course was like here. Realized a thread below mentioned it being terrible overall and to not go there but its been a year. Has it gotten better or am I just better off staying at MQ?
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    Transfer from Macquarie to Usyd?

    hey guys, just had a a moment of thought today and I felt like what Macquarie had to offer me in terms of my course (Speech & hearing) isn't exactly what I want/need. I had a look at the Uni websites about transferring and I am still a little bit confused. Could someone clarify the...
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    Essay structure

    Hey guys, for ATB, have you guys structured the body of your paragraph by themes or by texts in isolation??
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    After the Bomb

    Every time I sit down and try to get some work done for Extension English I feel so overwhelmed... I feel like I analyze it to the point where I've taken the spine out of the text but my teacher will tell me it's not enough. But then she wouldnt explain to me HOW to better the essay because she...
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    University of sydney merit, entry and faculty scholarships

    Hey everyone, I'm thinking of studying speech pathology at USYD and I'm also looking into the scholarships that USYD offers and this one of particular seemed most appropriate for me. Their info says that they usually hand these out to students with a minimum ATAR of 95 - is this true? I've...
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    Depression before submission

    Am I the only one who feels like their story is crap right now? Feeling slightly insecure while also experiencing a slight sense of sadness after each read haha
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    FAIL technology smh

    Am I the only person who was unlucky enough to have their PDF files of trial notes and HSC past papers removed from their iPad in iBooks?? I am unable to even put the files back onto the iPad as the tab for 'books' has even disappeared from itunes :cry:
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    What does it mean to be strong?

    Hey everyone, this is for my MW as I am in the process of editing. I just wanted to see what everyone's understanding of being "strong" is - lets take this on an emotional/mental understanding. "I suppose I have found it easier to identify with the characters who verge upon hysteria, who...
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    Vet Science Cut-Off Mark

    Hi everyone, being a current HSC student, it has become strange that I've gained an interest in the area of Veterinary Science, specifically at CSU. However, I have not yet heard of what the cut-off mark was for 2012 so I could estimate on an ATAR to achieve. Can anyone help?? Thanks :)
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    Newbie - Pointers for a good story

    Hey guys, I'm new to this (amazing that I even made it here) so no hard times please ! I'm starting my major work right now with the planning and whatnot but I wanted to have a few opinions beforehand on what a "good" story is. So, what makes a good story good?