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    ECO: 2019-2020 federal budget

    Can someone tell me if it's contractionary or expansionary fiscal policy please!
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    Commerce or Economics?

    Hi guys, I'm looking to get an ATAR of around 90, but realistically I'll probably be getting around 80-85. I'd like to apply for a commerce/business degree however, they require an ATAR of 90-96 (USYD,UNSW,UTS). In the future I'd like to do something like HR or become a business analyst. Is it...
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    Talent 100 ATAR Calculator

    I haven't been able to use Talent 100's ATAR calculator since the beginning of this year, has anyone else had trouble?
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    related texts

    what related texts are you guys doing? we're doing go back to where you came from as the common module, if anyone has ideas for a related text pls comment :spin:
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    Is tutoring necessary for 95+ ATAR

    has anyone ever achieved 95+ without tutoring? everyone is telling me to get a tutor for year 11 & 12
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    Notebooks or Binders

    I was thinking of doing half notebooks and the other half binders so my bag would be very light :spin: but i'm scared if i bring loose sheet into class my teachers will kill me lmao. How is everyone else organising their stuff?