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  1. GJ_JOE

    which subjects are you doing?

    as the subject says.. i'm doing: 1.intro to english, text and writing 2.media, culture and society 3.intro to cultural studies 4.intro to communications also, how are you guys liking uni so far? i reckon its pretty cool how theres more freedom than high school, but i'm still...
  2. GJ_JOE

    online tutorial registration problem

    Has anyone logged into the tutorial registration section of the UWS site to find that one of your subjects is not listed there? I'm definately doing four subjects in the autumn semester but only three are showing up. I've tried calling the enrolement department of my home campus but nobody picks...
  3. GJ_JOE

    indoor climbing

    anyone here into indoor climbing? know any good climbing centres? i've only been to two places in sydney; the pitch at wetherill park and the summit at blacktown the pitch has much more walls and a better training area but the summit is more challenging and has the moving wall and walls...
  4. GJ_JOE

    who here makes up sources/quotes?

    so, when you guys forget a source or just can't bother remembering the persons name, do you just make stuff up? i know i do :D e.g. according to herodotus blah blah blah