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  1. vodkacrumble

    'Interns' - tonight on channel 7

    i just noticed an entry in the tv guide for a show called Interns, here's the blurb: Follow the journey of these aspiring doctors as they grow from raw interns to confident doctors facing the hour-to-hour reality of having to perform surgery for the first time, counsel grieving relatives and...
  2. vodkacrumble

    an unfortunate name for an intern

    http://www.smh.com.au/articles/2007/04/21/1176697161188.html?from=top5 the poor girl!
  3. vodkacrumble

    has anyone received interview letters yet?

    surely people would've been invited for interviews by now, there were some pretty rocking UMAT scores on here and i assumed people would be excitedly posting. or is everyone too busy HSCing? oh well, good luck with interviews & HSC everyone!
  4. vodkacrumble

    mildly health-related tattoo!

    radial artery love. (except where it's positioned, only the right atria really beats. aww, poor heart. poor cardiac function even though it tries so hard) ps. i'm hiding under my doona, not wearing some kind of strange apparel
  5. vodkacrumble

    auscultation - online resources

    anyone know of any good (free!) sites with examples of breath/heart sounds?
  6. vodkacrumble

    list of suburbs for rural/remote classification

    does anyone know where to find the .pdf that has the list of pretty much every suburb everywhere and what classification it is (metropolitan, regional, rural, remote...)? i remember finding something like that about 4 years ago but haven't been able to find it.
  7. vodkacrumble

    House of God

    i've been meaning to read 'House of God' by Samuel Shem ever since my crit care lecturer recommended it to us last year. it's based around the author's real experience in his first year as an intern. i've borrowed it from one of the flight nurses here and started reading it after a particularly...
  8. vodkacrumble

    life as an intern

    http://www.abc.net.au/dimensions/dimensions_health/Transcripts/s518845.htm I looked up Nick Coatsworth, a doctor I happened to have worked with when he was a resident and a registrar in Sydney. he's very passionate about what he does, has worked overseas for MSF on quite a few occaisions and...
  9. vodkacrumble


    i'm just going to get a Littman because i'm a sheep. i have a bulky Prestige Medical stethoscope but it's a bit of an arse and keeps falling apart. apart from ebay, are there any sites i can order from that will provide me with a slightly -less-than-terrifying price? i'm a little far away to...
  10. vodkacrumble

    rural clinical/work

    are many people interested in doing rural clinical and/or working in a rural area once they've finished uni? or is it the metro life for most people?
  11. vodkacrumble

    Text Found On Train

    (also posted to the medstudents forum) it's a long shot, but i found a clinical reference book on the train today - western line train. it has the owners name, but no phone number (remember a phone number kiddies!). all it says is 'Aishwarya Sukhdeo MBBS' inside the cover. is that UNSW or USyd...
  12. vodkacrumble

    who's graduating this year?

    i have this funny feeling i'm the only one, but no matter. i can't believe that 3 years had gone so quickly and in 6 weeks time i can apply for my Registration and i'll be a real nurse. just wondering how people are going with job applications and interviews. i've accepted an offer in Derby...
  13. vodkacrumble

    which is worse?

    a boy/girlfriend who has the same name as your sibling, or your parent?
  14. vodkacrumble

    good luck in the UMAT! :)

    according to my diary the UMAT is on this wednesday, so good luck to everyone doing it! i ended up freaking out that i would never get a place (and didn't want to spend $150 to learn this) so i didn't get around to putting in my application. i might apply again later on down the road, but if...
  15. vodkacrumble

    woman tattoos "do not resus" on chest

    http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/2819149.stm fabulous! :D i printed it off and stuck it at the nurses station at work. i've already told people around me that if i'm ever ill enough to be placed in a nursing home (due to aging process or misadventure) i'm to be made palliative care...
  16. vodkacrumble

    what is your land speed record?

    with yourself or other/s. (poll results are not public)
  17. vodkacrumble

    changes to UMAT?

    i arrived home from a holiday to find my little UMAT info booklet (!!) but i noticed that in the section 3 example questions there aren't any of the 'find the shape' questions included. am i mad, or are they just omitting them from the test? if so, i think there will be some happy little...
  18. vodkacrumble

    hello, i am stupid - please assist me.

    two questions: 1. why does my post count under the avitar never match up with posts made? (despite the number that are deleted by mods) 2. how do change the bit under my username from 'lame member' to 'i am so hott' or similar? thanks, chickens :)
  19. vodkacrumble

    UTas admission requirements?

    this is probably a completely stupid question, but I thought I'd post it here before contacting someone at UTas after the weekend. in the admission requirements on the uni site it says you need to have have passed yr12 chem & bio (or equivalent). i did bio ing yr12 but not chem. does the...
  20. vodkacrumble

    UMAT info updated on ACER site

    oooOOOOooooh! :D sent off an email for my little booklet, the site tells me i'll get it in mid-April. UWS is on the list, so it's a definite! :) and they will be selling a new volume of practice questions. http://www.acer.edu.au/tests/university/umat/ i also had a look on the UWS site and...