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  1. Kangaaroo

    Multiple Choice Help

    Anyone know how to do these two questions? I honestly can't work out what I'm looking at
  2. Kangaaroo

    Tariff Question

    My answer was C, but the correct answer is D. Can anyone help out? (from 2011 HSC).
  3. Kangaaroo

    Why must a CAD equal a KAFA surplus?

    For example, say an economy's CAD increases because of a worsening in the BOGS. From what I know, this must be balanced out by an increase in the KAFA surplus. But I don't understand how this happens - why would a deteriorating in the BOGS automatically lead to increased financial inflows?
  4. Kangaaroo

    Labour market essay

    Got assigned a labour market essay to do over the summer holidays. Question: "Explain how labour market policies can be used to achieve Australia's economic objectives". A little unsure how I can relate labour market policies and decentralisation to Australia's macroeconomic objectives. Any...
  5. Kangaaroo

    Good Resources

    Anyone know any sites / places I can find good resources and past papers, other than thsconline? Looking specifically for prelim resources relating to new-syllabus stuff for Chem, Adv & Ext Maths, and Japanese, and stuff I might be able to use for year 12.
  6. Kangaaroo

    Year 9 Visual Design

    Currently, I'm in year 8. A couple of weeks ago, we chose our electives for years 9 & 10. Originally, I went with Japanese and Commerce, but after a last ditched attempt by my Art (and Tec) teacher to guilt-trip me into doing Visual Arts at p/t interviews, I compromised and switched Commerce...