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  1. 4play

    Binary Division

    hey fellas i got a question about binary division, because my sdd teacher said there was a very low likely hook of being asked to divide a binary number in the hsc paper. he said that it had never been asked in previous hsc papers, and that to ask it would require a lot of time to do it, as...
  2. 4play

    Religion in Australia, 1901 to the Present

    i currently have an assesment due on 1901 to the present. the question is: Undertake a secondary research to demonstrate an understanding of the importance and influence of religion in all of the following areas of Australian society. Ensure you discuss the role of the variants...
  3. 4play

    a bug?

    i was mucking around with marks in SAM when i came across something interesting. i dont know if its a bug or a very weird hsc mark problem first i put in 50's for all my subjects Design and Technology: 50 English(Advanced): 50 English Extension 1: 50 General Mathematics: 50 Physics: 50...