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    MQ Comedy Club and Magic Society

    Hi, Does anyone know anything about these two clubs (are they reasonably active?) and/or how I could get in contact with whoever runs them? I found the comedy club's myspace, but it doesn't tell me very much...
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    How have the exams screwed you over physically?

    And by exams, I do mean studying as well. I know eyesight is often one of the first things to go. I think I'm pretty lucky in that respect, I reckon it's still 20/20 but can tell the eyes aren't quite as good as they used to be (but that could be from long hours of playing WoW?). The other...
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    How late can we enroll in a subject for Semester 2?

    And it's something I have to talk to SES about, isn't it? edit: it would appear that I've just enrolled in mus206 via estudent, except for the lecture which is already full. I hope they create more tute classes though... I took the second-last place in the last remaining tute, and several of...
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    America's Next Top Model Cycle 8

    When is this coming back?!?! There was episode on Fox 8 today called "The Girl Who Wants it Bad" and says something about 'the new girls'... is it starting today and I had no idea, or just a rerun? EDIT: I see Adrianne... it's just cycle 1 again :( And I was getting so excited about the new...
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    Does anyone have any idea how to reference a computer game?!?!

    ^ as above. Books I can do. Websites, even. But a game? I don't even know where to begin...!!! help!
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    YAY for the SAMBar Playboy Party

    Yay for the weekly Filmsoc question being composed by ME ME ME (for once, a question I know I can answer) Boo for the frickin' team who stole our first place for Beer Trivia Yay for the Trivia regulars who are now totally accustomed to me pouring beer, even if I screw it up really badly...
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    oh wow this semester looks better than I thought it would be!

    Ok so I'm on a buzz from the fun of O-week, but I actually think I'll have a good time this semester! 1) NO MORE BUSINESS-Y OR ACCOUNTING-Y CORES! YAY! 2) MUS205! My first music subject! It seems like a really prac-based subject, yay! 3) People who I didn't know were doing mus205 (Kat...
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    Oh the wonders of O-week! (the free stuff thread)

    Fun things at O-week: Mentor stall Filmsoc stall (yeah I'm not biased, I just know people at those two places :P) Free things at O-week: Blueberry flavoured condoms from the Queer Space stall! :D feel free to add to my lists as I will be going on a massive free-stuff-trawl...
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    waaah MQ is introducing Dance units next year, and this is my last year!

    :( When Mark Evans let it slip in arts300 today, you should have been able to hear the wails of dismay from the 5-7 dancers in the class from the other side of campus :( I'm semi-seriously considering staying on for another year now, just so I can do these units.
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    Who's mentoring tomorrow at the distance thing?

    ^ as above. I'm about to pull out of dance tomorrow due to injury, so I have the day free... but can I be bothered? I'm absolutely knackered. I guess if I do just kinda rock up, Lauren won't really mind though :P
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    random panic - SCMP is NOT going to fit in C5C tomorrow!!!!

    Why didn't I look at the new timetable seriously?!?! Price is down, so they've shoved SCMP orientation into C5C... but I really don't think we're going to fit! It was COMPLETELY FULL with ELS today, and SCMP tends to be HUGE and fill up two thirds of Mason, if not X5BT1 where we normally...
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    How awesome is the new SAM diary?

    Flick to the back. The SAM benefits part. OMG!! Discounts from: Sunglass hut. Portmans. Krispy Kreme. Civic Video. Bag and Baggage. Gloria Jeans. Healthy Life. JB Hi Fi. RJ's Sandwich Works (and many more). Places where I would actually SHOP. Oh, man. So good. I'm seriously considering...
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    Buy and Sell thread

    Yeah, it's not 2006 anymore :P After looking at the stack of textbooks in my room, I came to the realisation that not only had I barely used them (if at all) during the time I studied those subjects, the likelihood of me using them again "for fun" was second to none. All the prices below...
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    RAWR! Mentors and Mentor Leaders unite!

    How much fun was today?!?!?!!!!! Fun fun. I can't wait till mentor training day, although I need a new wand by then. If you see a really cool one, note down location for me to have a look at? :) Oh and yay, I have a sexy blue t-shirt now! I DON'T LOOK LIKE A WALKING LIGHTBULB ANYMORE! hurrah!
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    Things to do whilst waiting for bloody estudent

    Youtube baby, youtube. I'm listening to music... What are you doing to save yourself from going insane from the 'login/wait/timeout"? anything we could play together, like isketch or something?
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    class enrollments will be open today! omg!

    Is anyone actually going to stay up for it? I want to, but don't think I'll last :/ In other news, one of my compulsary lectures is already full, but enrollments haven't even opened yet :P I'm hoping it's a glitch, and if not it's the only one avaliable so Guy Morrow will just have to grin...
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    Looking for nice, but petite-sized sunglasses... any ideas?

    I've never had a really "nice" pair of sunglasses... (never really worn them full stop) I came to the realisation today that I really, really should, because sunglasses are rather useful when the sun is glary :P plus they look cool and a good pair lasts a long time? Only problem is that I'm...
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    Handbook changes (2nd years and up)

    A number of degrees have been totally reworked for better or worse. It's a hell of a lot easier to do my degree, for example :P SOC units are no longer required, and ENGL120 is no longer a prerequisite for ENGL218. How I hated engl120!!!!! There's also no minimum of 200-level units anymore...
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    How much is the parking sticker this year?

    And how long till last year's ones expire? And without resorting to Tylenol, is there any other way to get rid of a heat-induced headache :( It's not as bad as it was before, but still uncomfortable :(