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  1. Kangaaroo

    Access to 2020 Advanced Maths Paper

    I got -28ln1.5*(1.5)^-0.4t
  2. Kangaaroo

    Access to 2020 Advanced Maths Paper

    This one seems wrong as well - isn't the derivative incorrect?
  3. Kangaaroo

    Access to 2020 Advanced Maths Paper

    Yes exactly, that's what I did
  4. Kangaaroo

    Access to 2020 Advanced Maths Paper

    Questions 21 b) and 28 a) don't seem correct
  5. Kangaaroo

    HSC Advanced Mathematics Predictions / Thoughts

    You needed to find the average temperature (which was 0.565 or something below the median from the box-and-whisker plot) and the average number of chirps per recording. Using these two values you get a point (x, y) which the least-squares regression line passed through. Subbing in that point you...
  6. Kangaaroo

    Mod C reflection

    The prescribed texts should inform the stylistic features of your response (extended metaphor, personal voice, allusion, etc.). Conceptually, your piece doesn't have to be anything at all like your prescribed texts. In fact, ideally you should avoid echoing the same themes or concepts as this...
  7. Kangaaroo

    Multiple Choice Help

    Nah I think it was from Barker
  8. Kangaaroo

    Multiple Choice Help

    It was from a trial paper
  9. Kangaaroo

    Thoughts on paper 2?

    for the mod A question, do you reckon you needed to reference the first part of the statement which sort of just defined what a conversation is, because I only focused on the second part
  10. Kangaaroo

    CSSA Trials paper 1 Std. thoughts...

    yeah I think the brother was a paraglider who'd had an accident or something? It was very conceptual for a memoir and tbh analysing nonfiction extracts is hard when you don't have the rest of the text to help contextualise what you're reading. I wish they'd had more variety in the text types for...
  11. Kangaaroo

    How do I find inflation?

    Housing has a 15% weighting factor and has experienced 15% inflation. 0.15 * 15% = 2.25% - this is how much housing has contributed to overall inflation. If you calculate the same figure for the other 3 options, you'll get a) = 2%, b) = 2%, and c) = 1.5%. This means that housing has had the...
  12. Kangaaroo

    Modern History or Japanese Continuers?

    How good are you at Japanese, and how willing are you to put effort into it? The jump in difficulty is larger than that of most subjects.
  13. Kangaaroo

    2020-HSC chat

    Even though it's in the rubric I don't think you can be asked to write an informative piece for Mod C.
  14. Kangaaroo

    How do you think you will go for English Adv trials?

    Were the questions generally concerned with singular themes or were they more broad?
  15. Kangaaroo

    Silly Mistakes in Maths

    Just before the exam I give a little pep talk to myself so that I relax. Assure yourself that you know how to do everything and you'll read every question carefully and work through your answers thoroughly. Like literally talk to yourself. Keep reminding yourself of this throughout the exam...
  16. Kangaaroo

    Multiple Choice Help

    Thanks Don't you think it's kinda sketchy to leave off the income accounts considering they're a pretty major factor in the CA? It really threw me off.
  17. Kangaaroo

    Multiple Choice Help

    Anyone know how to do these two questions? I honestly can't work out what I'm looking at
  18. Kangaaroo

    Positive effects of unemployment?

    A little bit of unemployment is necessary otherwise we would get inflation (as predicted by the Phillips curve). It also means there is a pool of labour for firms to select from - if there was no unemployment it would be more difficult for firms to employ new people.
  19. Kangaaroo

    How would you answer a stimulus based response?

    In the same way you would answer a regular economics essay, but with the stimulus informing your response. You should refer specifically to the stimulus at least 3-4 times (or quote it if you can).