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    MX2 Integration Marathon 2021

    This is the 2021 integration marathon thread, as i have noticed users submitting integrals on previous year's threads. I will start off: 1/(x+x^6) sorry for bad formatting
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    2nd order recursion

    anyone know where to find good q's for 2nd order recursion proofs, Cambridge only has a handful of basic ones, not sure where to find anymore. Also i dont want to look through past papers as i would like to keep them for trial period. thanks.
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    Why do some teachers say scaling doesn’t exist

    over the course of my senior and junior years of high school I have heard many teacher say that scaling doesn’t exist or doesn’t matter when choosing courses. Why would a teacher (presumably intentionally) say that scaling doesn’t exist when they are putting students at a disadvantage and what...
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    roots of unity

    Where can I find hard roots of unity questions, i have done all the textbook ones and i'm looking for harder exam style questions.
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    triangular inequalities

    do i need to know this for the new syllabus for vectors/complex numbers.
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    10 units in year 12

    Is it advised going straight to 10 units at the start of year 12, I’m sure of what I want to do but I don’t know if it is advisable. to people who did 10 units of 4u math, phys, chem and advanced English, is it worth dropping to these subjects if I’m sure that is what I want to do for my hsc and...
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    What is science extension?

    So I was thinking of picking up science extension in year 12 as I like the Sciences that I am doing. Does science extension run like math extension where it is purely extension concepts or is it a different style/topic altogether.
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    do you need to study for 4u in year 11?

    ^ and if yes when should you start studying?