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    motor spin

    shouldn't the motor spin anticlockwise or am i trippin
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    Davisson germer experiment

    hi, can someone please explain the davisson and germer experiment to me and how it aided debroglie, i can't find any resources that are high school level and the easier ones dont make sense to me . thanks in advance!!!
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    solenoid question

    hi guys, in this experiment how do you know whether the first peak in the graph is positive or negative? thanks
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    velocity question

    i keep getting C, answer is B, thanks
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    probability question

    answer is c why dont i have to multiply by 4 since it can happen in 4 differ ways
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    overseas holiday

    hey i will be going overseas for holidays from end of hsc to end of january. Is everything online now, like getting your atar, enrolling to university and stuff? I am planning on going to unsw, if i get the atar that is. So does anyone know the process for unsw, also if you know the enrolment...
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    The Crucible - Paradoxes Inconsistencies Anomalies Help!

    hi, i need help with some ideas for paradoxes, inconsistencies, anomalies. any help is appreciated. thanks ......
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    Whose ready for english?

    How's everyones study going? Whose confident for english? What about your other exams? Wish everyone the best of luck!
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    How badly can english lower my atar?

    if i was to get 85-95 scaled for all my other subjects (these subjects scale pretty well) and i was to get 72-80 scaled (probably mid 70s) for english advanced would it ruin my chance to get 90+ atar. i feel hopeless for this subject and know i won't do well in it. i just don't want my dreams to...
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    tension question help

    whyz it A?
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    lost in choosing a degree

    i don't know what course to pick for uni, i wanted to do computer science.....but everyone keeps saying it is saturated and no jobs. and to make it worse once you graduate you have to do exams to get the job which seems intimidating, what if you fail? since there are a heap of computer...
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    Motivation please...

    Haven't studied this much I know I should have been used to it.... Any motivation to keep me going, starting to get bored of studying....😐
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    this mass defect question

    i thought the answer was D, but it's A. explanation please. thanks
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    english advanced quotes

    how many quotes have you guys memorised (or have to memorise)? do we need quotes for module C to put into the reflection thing? thanks in advance (get it?)
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    hi everyone i am going to do engineering next year, unsw is going to be hard and i dont know if i will get the atar but if i do what uni do i choose. uts is a better location for me. they both have trimesters so that doesnt matter. is the 1 year internship a good thing to do, i heard it was a...
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    Quick Maths Quest

    need explanation for ii, i though anwser was from t = 0 to t =1 and t=3 to t=5 for ii. thanks
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    Help me with english...

    hi i know this is going to be a big ask....if anyone of you have band 5-6 essays/notes on the tempest/hagseed or the crucible can you send pls (or upload to resource section). it will help me (and probably others) a lot. thanks in advance