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  1. Zoinked

    Living costs moving out of home?

    Hi, Everyone who has moved out of home and is living in a sharehouse or whatever, roughly what are your weekly expenses excluding rent?
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    Poll: Do a summer unit or work fulltime over the holidays (christmas holidays)

    Undecided as to whether its a better idea to spend the december-feb holidays working to try and save a decent chunk or get ahead in uni. I dont want to waste 3-4 months again.
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    Finance/accounting/economics students. How do you take notes and approach lectures?

    Is it best to use pen and paper to take notes in lectures or will that slow me down compared to typing notes? I have a DET laptop that lasts about 3-4 hours as well as a samsung galaxy tablet. I'm thinking just write using pen and paper right?
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    Result Prediction Thread?

    I'll start. I only did 3 subjects this year, Predicting: Legal 88, Business 90 and Chemistry 90.
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    Is there truly any point studying finance as a major?

    I've heard that its a skill you can learn on the job and that many investment bankers and such are doing just that. I was thinking of doing Combined econ/commerce at unsw and studying finance/accounting/economics majors, is that pointless? The ideal job for me would be either working at a hedge...
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    Best course to do to swap into UNSW commerce?

    I want to do a bachelor of commerce at unsw and do accounting/finance majors. I most likely will get a 90-91 atar (did three subjects last year so my atar is more set in stone than others...). By a miracle I could get 94 tops. What course should I do to swap into unsw commerce the easiest. Is it...
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    Applied Finance/Commerce at MQ suitable for Investment Banking?

    Will this degree make me a competitive candidate for such a position?
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    Question about the maths involved in Actuarial Studies

    Say that I moronically chose general maths, despite being decent naturally at maths and I decided that I wanted to do actuarial studies. What would I do and what specific types of maths would I have to learn in order to make this a reality? I suppose I need to learn 2U/3U/4U probability?
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    High paying jobs where lifestyle creep isn't expected?

    Where in the commerce industry can I get a job that pays really well without being almost expected to squander my fortune on expensive cars, clothes, suits and watches etc.
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    Whats it like being a politician?

    Anyone here running for MP or heard any opinions from those who have? My interests in politics have piqued
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    Quick PH Question

    2007 HSC Exam 21b) (No sample answers for some reason) Using the red cabbage indicator, what colour would the solution be if 10 mL of 0.005 mol L–1 H2SO4 was diluted to 100 mL? I did 0.005 x 2 x 0.1 = 0.001. Then -Log10(0.001) = Ph of 3 and that the indicator would turn violet. Is...
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    Atar Estimate

    School rank 300s. General Maths- 1/60 English Standard- 5/70 Economics- 5/18 Business Studies- 2/60 Legal 1/60 Chem 3/28 Estimates? I already have my marks for 3 subjects but want to see how everyone judges me first lol.
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    Applied Finance + Economics vs Applied Finance + Commerce

    Help. What are the main differences in these courses. For context, I want to be a financial consultant or advisor.
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    Is this Chemistry book worth it? A book with past worked solutions that would score full marks for every question from 2001-2015. Has anyone had experience with these sort of books and are they...
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    Best Industrial Chem notes?

    Theres no ahmad shah notes i can find for Industrial Chemistry, which notes in your opinion are the best for industrial chem?
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    98 General Mathematics Student Offering Tutoring.

    I live in the Western Sydney Area and can tutor at libraries in the area or at your home. I received a 98 in General Maths and can provide proof if necessary. I am willing to provide one on one tutoring or tutoring for a group and have trial papers, assessment tasks and textbooks to suit the...
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    Anyone doing/done the Business leadership and commerce degree?

    What do you think about it? Tips for the interview? Estimate of what the required atar component is?
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    How to get skyrim onto DET Laptop

    I've heard about people getting games like this to run on their school laptops on lowest settings, does anyone know how. Btw I've done half of my hsc already and done really well so I know i can bludge this year and get into the course i want, so I'm not worried about getting distracted.
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    How to use DET laptop to make money

    Seeing as the DET have given us a free laptop to use and even keep after we graduate. Does anyone have any ideas as to how we can use our laptops to make extra money passively? I looked into bitcoin mining, but are there anyother ways.