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    Nearby hilly areas around UNSW

    Walk up those long flights of stairs 5-10 times a day. Good workout.
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    UNSW Fees

    Deferring the SSAF fee, yolo. Right now $150 or so a semester does make a considerable difference for me but if I start earning over $50k a year (the HECS threshold) then it would have a much lesss impact on me :P
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    Buying 2 blackout tickets. Private message me. Thanks!

    Private message me. Make an offer :) I need 2 asap.
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    Timetable question

    Hey guys, I've searched the internet for an answer to my question but the answers seem to be conflicting - I'm just curious if tutorials do indeed revise the previous week's material so if this is the case it would be wise to put tutorials before lectures? By the way, I'm studying Commerce at...
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    B. Economics or Commerce at UNSW?

    Hey guys, I've done a lot of research between the two, including similar threads on this site but they were quite outdated - I'm curious if anyone knows, perhaps from personal experience what the actual difference is between Commerce and Economics in terms of the course at UNSW and whether it...
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    Year 12 leavers, check this out (free Windows 8.1, Office 2013)

    Jikky's right, you have to use the number you used in your trials (mine starts with 4 as opposed to my student number that starts with 2) After that on the registration page you enter that number and it should direct you to a page where it directs you to a page to enter your email and yeah :)
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    Year 12 leavers, check this out (free Windows 8.1, Office 2013)

    Has anyone got it to work just by entering their student ID in the "student reference number" field? Edit: seems like you have to get it verified first, so refer to the OP.
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    Year 12 leavers, check this out (free Windows 8.1, Office 2013)

    Hey guys, I came across a site that looks pretty promising, check it out here: Apparently the DET is called the DEC now. But according to them, the site "...allows graduating NSW year 12 students to access software at no cost." Then if you click on "start shopping"...
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    Band 5/6 cut off

    mc - little harder short answers - much harder report - exact same question just with operations and HR essays - easier (last year was really specific) So all in all it's equivalent to last year's so it'll be around 84-82 min
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    Possibilities of getting a state rank?

    w4nna g3t bashed cuz watch out wallah
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    ya u herd rite join the no science crew
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    nek minnit (beat your inb4)
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    Section I - Multiple Choice

    17, aw. (meh, that's all my exams done. yeah niggas!)
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    Section I - Multiple Choice

    The factory sells it to the intermediary who then sells it to the consumer, so it's B.
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    Section I - Multiple Choice

    oh awks
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    Section I - Multiple Choice

    7 is A because low interest rates and high gearing both present an opportunity and a threat. I do not think it means opportunity and a threat respectively. (as it has the words "includes both an opportunity and a threat") So it is A because low interest rates are: Opportunity - cheap borrowing...
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    Section I - Multiple Choice

    A decrease in supply increases price. An increase in supply decreases price, therefore it's D.
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    Section I - Multiple Choice

    As far as I know sure super is on top of wages, so they get 3% extra of their income contributing to superannuation.
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    Section II - Short Answer

    Same, the question itself surprised me so much though :P Cost: short term financial cost for government, time it takes to construct the bypass may screw up traffic when it's being built Benefit: diverts emissions away from the town so prevents respiratory diseases and stuff as a result of...
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    Section I - Multiple Choice