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    Buying 2 blackout tickets. Private message me. Thanks!

    Private message me. Make an offer :) I need 2 asap.
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    Timetable question

    Hey guys, I've searched the internet for an answer to my question but the answers seem to be conflicting - I'm just curious if tutorials do indeed revise the previous week's material so if this is the case it would be wise to put tutorials before lectures? By the way, I'm studying Commerce at...
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    B. Economics or Commerce at UNSW?

    Hey guys, I've done a lot of research between the two, including similar threads on this site but they were quite outdated - I'm curious if anyone knows, perhaps from personal experience what the actual difference is between Commerce and Economics in terms of the course at UNSW and whether it...
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    Year 12 leavers, check this out (free Windows 8.1, Office 2013)

    Hey guys, I came across a site that looks pretty promising, check it out here: Apparently the DET is called the DEC now. But according to them, the site "...allows graduating NSW year 12 students to access software at no cost." Then if you click on "start shopping"...
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    ya u herd rite join the no science crew
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    Economics multiple choice + essays scanned

    Here's the m/c and essays. If anyone has the short answers please post them here. Oh, and sorry about the terribly unattractive markings on the multiple choice. :P
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    Am I screwed?

    I haven't studied since trials, which was almost a month ago. Next week is muck up week so I'm probably getting minimal study until after graduation. I'm aiming for a 93-95 ATAR. How screwed am I? Do trial marks correlate with HSC marks, as in can you only get better since trials or can you also...
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    Who else can never be motivated to do work in the holidays?

    Me! Except assignments. And except in the last 2-3 days where I cram everything. Yay.
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    Do you include techniques in the Analysis question?

    I'm a bit confused what the term "textual reference" means. Do you have to refer to techniques used such as similes and metaphors or just quotes from your text? e.g. if you're doing a TV Show as a related text does that mean you have to refer to techniques such as camera angles, music, etc...
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    Who did the globalisation essay on China?

    Hey guys, Just curious, did any of you do the effect of globalisation essay on China's economic growth and quality of life? If so, how did you structure it? Just curious. Thanks! :)
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    Naughty 2012ers!

    Read more:
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    Best way to start off an economics essay?

    I have an essay with two questions, one of which is comparing Australia to China which should only be a quarter of an essay. Should the introduction be introducing the questions and saying all the points that will be in your essay and in order?
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    Collecting/reading article by Ross Gittins in the SMH

    My economics teacher told us that we should read articles that Ross Gittins writes in the Sydney Morning Herald as he aims his articles for students and follows closely with the syllabus. His page is here: Are his articles all you need to know...
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    By studying every day does it mean reading over what you did in class that day?

    This is going to be my first year studying every day except the weekends (or would you guys recommend studying on an ordinary weekend when there's no upcoming tests?) and I've been thinking, by studying every day do you just read over and make sure you understand everything you did in class that...
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    Bos fail!

    Okay so our computer skills test was at 12pm today, right? Well we arrive there, open the program up and guess what? It doesn't load after a few minutes. So we try a few times then the supervisors finally give up. They call the deputy and the computer people in and try to contact BOS... their...
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    Did any of you choose Ancient History?

    I hope it runs - there are around 16-17 people doing it so I hope the principal approves it. I think Ancient history is so much more interesting than modern history especially boring Australian history! So who else chose Ancient?
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    Computer skills!

    I'm so nervous for the computer skills test. I have no idea what will happen if I move the mouse to the right. What are computers? What is an URL? What is a database? ARGH! Honestly, though. I'm pretty sure since our generation grew up with computers most (if not all) people would get a band 6...