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  1. tanjin

    Statistics for Business OR Introduction to Economic Methods?

    I haven't enrolled in any of the Spring Session units yet, however while waiting for my Student ID card today, the lady at the Student Centre told me to enrol for Semester 2 units as soon as possible. I have to choose between Statistics for Business OR Introduction to Economic Methods as my...
  2. tanjin

    Flybuys Query

    Does anyone know if Flybuys require you to pay any fees? :)
  3. tanjin

    Those who sat Adv. English

    I cant even remember how many pages i wrote. As Hung said, read through the exam thoughts thread and you'll get a general idea. Why is it worth knowing though?
  4. tanjin

    Question regarding JUAI

    I've already posted this in the main JUAI thread, but people don't visit it much so yeah. :) Can someone please clarify this for me - The numbers that appear under the SCALED section (beside the hsc marks) - are they the actual marks i would recieve for each test? Is it the raw mark, that we...
  5. tanjin

    Modern History

    What would a raw mark of 85/100 equate to? :)
  6. tanjin

    Self Selected Text for Frontline

    Hey guys, I'm hoping to do 'The Truman Show' as my self selected text for Telling the Truth however, would i be allowed to use this, as it's one of the texts used in Standard English - Module A Elective 3 (IMAGE)? I really hope i can because it links well with the two...
  7. tanjin


    What are the pros and cons and is it actually worth it? A few of my friends are considering it and they'd just like to get some opinions before making the decision. Any info would be much appreciated :)
  8. tanjin

    Repeating Year 12

    I was just wondering if any fellow '07 HSC'ers have ever considered repeating year 12 at some stage throughout this year and term 4 of last year? I know i have. But i also know that im the type of person who would most likely not put enough effort into it, the second time around. Just the...
  9. tanjin

    Cold War Notes

    Does anyone know where i can get good notes/info/summaries on the "Hot Wars" e.g. Korea. I've looked everywhere and i'm stuck. Thanx in advance :)
  10. tanjin

    I can't study

    Anyone else in the same situation? No matter how hard i try i just can't study. I get everything ready, i sit down on my desk and then a few minutes later i walk off. I just bludge and bludge and bludge. 17 days to go and this is what's happening to me? I shouldn't be on BOS either, but...
  11. tanjin

    UTS or UWS?

    Okay I'm really stuck on the order i should put this course in - B Business & Commerce/ B Laws @ UWS My first preference is B Business/ B Science in IT @UTS but i recieved a letter today from UWS explaining the Triple Advantage Scheme, which would give me an extra 10 points meaning that i...
  12. tanjin

    Another UAI prediction please

    Hey guys, I'm used to relying on sam and juai but a friend suggested i do this :) Here are my ranks English Adv - 15/77 Ext Eng 1 - 12/20 Ext Eng 2 - 4/7 Modern History - 4/18 General Math - 4/27 Accounting - 5/12 I'm hoping for a uai between 80 - 85. Can i achieve this? Thanx in...
  13. tanjin

    UTS HSC Bonus Scheme

    Hey guys! :) I have a few questions about the HSC bonus scheme that UTS is offering. From what i understand, UTS is offering extra UAI points to students who choose certain courses in Science, IT, Business and Engineering and a maximum of 5 points can be given however engineering offers a max...
  14. tanjin

    Any '07 HSC'ers doing this course - B business/BSci in IT next year?

    Any '07 HSC'ers aiming for this course - B business/BSci in IT next year? I am! Well i hope i get in :)
  15. tanjin

    Doing DART in Ingleburn. Any tips?

    I was wondering whether someone would be able to tell me if the testers at Ingleburn will make me do Hillstarts since there are basically no hills to begin with! My test is on next Thursday the 23rd AUG at 10 am Any other tips would be much appreciated :) Thanx in advance
  16. tanjin

    If you could go back to...

    Year 10, when you chose your subjects for yrs 11 & 12, would you change anything? If so what and why?:) I would have: - Dropped out in yr 10 - Gone to Tafe to do accounting for 2 years -Transfer into Uni to do business law without the stress and hassle of the fucking hsc. - I would've...
  17. tanjin

    Uts Vs Mq

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone would be able to tell me or at least help me in deciding which of the following options is better B Business at Uts uai 90.55 or B Commerce - Accounting / B Laws at Mq uai 90.25 *If i was to go to UTS and do the business course, my plan is to get a...
  18. tanjin


    hello fellow ext II people :) i was just wondering if there is anyone else shitting themselves right now over their major work? - that is, it's not even close to finished, research isnt really complete etc I'm in that position now, i have ideas but i cant seem to put it down on paper, which...
  19. tanjin

    B Business (Accounting)/B Laws

    hi people :) I'm interested in doing B Business (Accounting)/B Laws at uws and im hoping someone would be able to tell me how many days of uni i'd have. Oh and if i wanted to transfer to another uni...can i do that? thanx:wave:
  20. tanjin

    Ingleburn to Maquarie uni - how long?

    hello people, i was just wondering about how long it would take me to go from ingleburn to mq? And what's the best way to get there by train so far i've come up with Train from ingleburn to strathfield then to epping from strathfield then a bus from epping station to there any...