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    please respond

    please respond
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    in on this question
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    Future engineers!!!

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    Future engineers!!!

    my body is ready for engineering, probably either civil or petroleum at unsw anyone know how sydney civil is compared to unsw civil? usyd would be a lot closer to me
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    Detailed vs Brief notes

    tfw made 1 page of notes or something over the duration of hsc
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    UNSW Style - Gangnam Style Parody

    brb not going to unsw now because of this
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    Which schools do you reckon will be in the top 10?

    normo boys should be third or fourth
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    2 exams left. You mad?

    2 exams left. You mad?
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    what's going on boss

    what's going on boss
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    What are you going to do the moment you finish your HSC ?

    pick up the bong from under my desk and start ripping cones the second they say pens down
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    Cut off

    ranked 41 out of approx 120 - school rank is somewhere around 17 or 18 what would i need for a band 6
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    Anyone else not memorizing?

    I think you might have something wrong with your brain. Why are you trying to be all cyberbully on me. Do you really think anyone cares about you. You talk to people like they are trash. Why would you want to come off like that. Does it make you feel tough? Are you trying to make up for having a...