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  1. CieL

    Post your work stories here!

    I'm sure at least one time during the duration of employment, something 'memorable' has happened to each and every one of us. Today I was almost traumatised. I was working a night shift today. Had a 15min break and decided to step outside to the side of the store where we have seats to sit on...
  2. CieL


    Call me stupid but.. Which handbook are we supposed to look at? I've always been doing units according to my 2006 handbook.. however, I looked at the 2008 handbook today and the units are slightly different.. As in, I'm doing a BBA/Psych.. The 08 says you dont have to do a comp/isys unit...
  3. CieL


    My new laptop is keeping me baffled.. I connected to my wireless..... but for some reason, the only pages that will load include google and youtube. That is all. Hotmail, bos, msn, etc.. nothing works.. I can't even register/update my anti-virus goddamit.. I installed Firefox, thinking it...
  4. CieL

    BenQ - yes or no?

    Looking for a new lappy.. And as I can get one from BenQ at a really good price, I'm wondering whether or not it'll be a good choice. I've never seen anyone with a BenQ joybook, nor know anyone who has had experience with BenQ products. I've had contradicting responses from people around me...
  5. CieL

    Supervisor position @ Coles

    Just today I've been told that the store manager wants me to become a supervisor... I've only been working as a checkout chick for just under two months and I'm not sure what the responsibilities are within the position of supervisor... Is it worth the tiny tiny amount of extra pay? I'm also a...
  6. CieL

    Dodgy timetable.. can I get away with this?

    Due to late enrolment of sem2, I got dodgy times.. And I've put the PSY235 lecture and the ISYS123 prac together in the same time slot.. Do you think this would be a problem? I dont know how the mid-sems work for either units, but I dont want any exams to clash.. and can someone clarify if...
  7. CieL


    Is there a closing date for enrolments? I didnt realise I had to enroll for 2nd sem units as well..... and I checked up on e-student today and cant find the "enroll in units now" button.... Am I too late? Is there something I can do about this? I read the e-student FAQs crap, and one part...
  8. CieL

    Issues with enrolling.............

    I just chose my lvl1 modules.. And then I went to enrol in my units.. Everything goes smooth until I press enrol.. And then it tells me that changes to my study plan has not been saved.. what's that supposed to mean? I have saved my lvl1 modules.. I pressed those blue things that look like...
  9. CieL


    I've found that in tutorials and in the booklets, they really only teach you how to reference books.. and not (online) journals.. So I'm getting confused as to which title comes first.. the name of the journal, or the title of the article.. So far I've come to the conclusion that it's...
  10. CieL

    Q about wireless

    I'm not very computer literate.. but how do people tap into the university's wireless internet using their home laptop? And also does anyone know when the uni library closes on weekends? (if it's even open)
  11. CieL

    Psy104 Quiz

    Having a psych quiz in my prac next week and it's based on Lectures 2-5 by Chekaluk.. on History and Methods.. I don't know what to expect. All I remember was him talking about philosophers and kinds of scans available or something.. and the quiz is going to be 20 questions long.. *wonders...
  12. CieL

    Dem 127

    Isnt a Calendar Year a year which is from 1st of Jan - 31st of Dec? I think you'd just think of it if it was worded "year"
  13. CieL

    Did Telstra give u LOLLIPOP!

    *wonders why I never get freebies*
  14. CieL

    eStudent timetable

    I got a slight problem.. I went to enrollment on the 10th and they registered me in my classes according to the timetable I wrote myself. I wrote my timetable in accordance to the blue 06 internal timetable. However, when I logged onto eStudent today, it tells me that i'm not registered...
  15. CieL

    SMH - Did they get your course wrong?

    bah got woken up by my mum today screaming "when the f*** did you apply for medical science in unsw???" n i'm like, wtF? so just wondering.. who else has had their course misprinted?
  16. CieL

    Interesting numberplates

    the more ideal ones would be with a pic.. but no pic is fine dont ask me what this is meant to mean! lol
  17. CieL

    Post pics of your car or cars you wish to own.. state which one it is

    so.. here goes this is my 2nd bf and this what i WANT