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    cssa economics

    anyone know what essay questions were for last year's paper?
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    anyone got solutions for 2009 sydney boys 3u trial?

    so mad did the whole paper then realised i have no solutions
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    need help with interval question fitzpatrick

    question 14 23(b) from the 3u book
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    hsc 2u + 3u or all of 3u?

    just wondering how many of you finished the 2u course in year 11 and are starting the 3u now
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    nature, spatial patterns and future directions of tourism

    struggling to get an essay out need help with structure
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    algebra question

    can someone please show me how to do Q15 Exercise 1E from the cambridge 3u book
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    Hours per night/week?

    How many hours in general per night or per week do you think are needed to be getting a rank around the top 5 out of 40 students? also how do you approach the subject in terms of studying and revising and all?
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    2 advanced paper?

    was going through the hsc timetable and saw there are 2 english advanced papers. Wtf someone explain, i had no idea we have to sit two exams.
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    help with a physics question

    A force of 16n acts for 3.6 sec on an object of mass 8.35kg with an initial velocity of 30m/s. If the force acts in the same direction as the initial velocity, what would the objects new velocity be?
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    Need help with circle geometry!

    I'm stuck on these and could really use some help - Question 2c...
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    Accelerated Geography

    Anyone besides normanhurst boys do it?