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    Where can I find healthy food on campus?

    I'm looking for a place where they sell healthy food on campus, specifically a place which has high amounts of protein and less fats and carbohydrates. Apparently the cafeteria near sci tech use to sell chicken breast with sauce, but now they've stopped. :( Any suggestions on healthy food will...
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    iPhone: Faculty of Econ and Business Blackboard App

    Hi guys, Does anybody have access to the USYD Faculty of Econ & Business blackboard app? I can't log into the Faculty of Econ & Business section so I can access my resources on my iPhone. :( Cheers.
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    Tax File Number

    So I'm transferring from UNSW to USYD and I've lost my TFN. Is there a possible way to retrieve it through my previous uni (UNSW) since I was paying via. HECS? Or should I ring the ATO instead? Cheers.
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    Do I have a chance?

    2009 ATAR: 92.85. Current WAM: 58. Original course: Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting/Finance) @ UNSW. Course I would like to transfer into: Bachelor of Professional Accounting/Bachelor of Applied Finance @ MQ. Previous years ATAR cutoff for MQ: 88.8. What's the likelihood of me receiving an...
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    Looking for material/e-books (B. Prof Acct/B. Applied Fins)

    If anybody has any material for the following subjects: ACCG200: Fundamentals of Management Accounting (3) ACCG224: Intermediate Financial Accounting (3) ACCT252: Applied Financial Analysis and Management (3) BUSL250: Business Law (3) E-Book would be awesome...
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    Commerce/Engineering @ Macquarie - What's it like?

    For the people who have known me in the past, yes, I am definitely transferring from UNSW to Macquarie. Why do you ask? Because I can't be screwed travelling 1.5 hours to University and back for another whole year. I'd rather hop on the M7 motorway and get to Macquarie North Ryde in 20 minutes...
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    Subject selections (For accounting majors).

    Hello people, Out of these four possible Accounting units, I was wondering which one would you recommend and for what reason? Or what subject have you already undertaken/are planning to undertake? ACCT3583 Management Accounting 2 (6 UOC) ACCT3585 E-Business: Strategy & Process (6 UOC)...
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    Transferring into a program I was originally accepted into.

    Hi everyone, I was initially accepted into the B. Commerce/B. Economics program at UNSW back in 2009 (Looking at these 2011 HSC threads makes me feel old lol). As a current second year student going into his third year, I've realised that 3 years is way too short to be graduating from...
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    WTB: ACCT2542, FINS3616, FINS2624 textbooks.

    Hello all. I'm looking for the following textbooks: ACCT2542: Corporate Financial Reporting. Australian Accounting Standards: 2ED Edition. FINS3616: International Business Finance. Multinational Finance: 4E Edition. Bought, not looking for it anymore. FINS2624: Portfolio Management...
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    [WTB] MARK2052 and FINS1613.

    Willing to purchase the most recent editions of MARK2052 and FINS1613: MARK2052: Marketing Research 2ED - Zikmund William G. FINS1613: Essentials of Corporate Finance - Ross. Please PM me your offer/price or send an email to: Cheers.
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    MGMT1101/ECON1101/ECON1203 - UNSW Commerce Textbooks [All 3 cores] for sale.

    1. MGMT1001 - Management 5. $40.00 (RRP: $72.86) RRP changed to reflect this years price compared to last years. 2. ECON1101 - Principles of Microeconomics 2E. $60.00 (Traded it for my finance textbook with a friend, so I'm not aware about the RRP.) SOLD. 3. ECON1203 - Keller's Statistics for...
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    Buying: ECON1202 (QMA), FINS1612, MARK1012.

    Buying both FINS1612 and MARK1012 textbooks! PM me if you have either of the following textbooks with: 1. The condition of the textbook (e.g. highlighted marks). 2. The price. 3. Where to meet up. (Preferably UNSW). Thanks.
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    Textbook sale: MGMT1001, ECON1203 (QMB).

    ECON1203 (QMB): Statistics for management and economics 8E. $70. MGMT1001: Management 5. (Mint condition, bought it this year on retail at the UNSW bookshop) - $80. ECON1203 and MGMT1001 are both in mint condition. MGMT1001 comes with the workbook. PM me thanks.
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    1 hr - 2 hr commute. Travelpass?

    Hey everyone, I get to uni via. two alternative ways: 1. Bus from Baulkham Hills to Westmead Station -> Train from Westmead Station to Central -> Bus from Eddy Avenue to UNSW. (Bus->Train->Bus) 2. Car from Baulkham Hills to Seven Hills Station (rarely) -> Train from Seven Hills Station to...
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    Problem logging into blackboard/IM.

    Is anyone else having a similar problem logging onto unsw blackboard to complete ELISE? I emailed UNSW IT tech and received the following message: [/SIZE][/FONT] I ensured the lower case and it still didn't work. Then...
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    MGMT1001 and ECON1203

    Hi guys! I'm looking for the following textbooks: ECON1203 - Title: Statistics for Management & Economics Abbreviated Version +. Author: Keller Gerald. MGMT1001 - Title: Management + Management in Focus + MyManagement Lab 5ED. Author: Robbins et al. Please PM me: - The price. - The...
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    Tax file number.

    Hey guys, Congratulations to all the people who received offers :). I'm accepting my offer now on "myUNSW" and I was wondering if I could skip the tax file number part and go onto fixing my timetable? I applied for a tax file number today (express post via. post office), so I should be able...
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    Email from UAC.

    Did anyone else receive the following email from UAC? Universities Admissions Centre (NSW & ACT) Pty Ltd I'm really paranoid and worried now. Is it an offer, or did I not fill out my preferences correctly? Do I need to pay a late fee? So many things rushing in my mind. I have to...
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    UAC preferences.

    UAC preferences (LAST MINUTE HELP!) Hello. :o Recently, I changed my UAC preferences around and I was wondering whether I need to pay a late fee or not. Yes, I know it's last minute, but this is what Counterstrike does to you. If I do have to pay a late fee, can it be done online? Or do...
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    Does anybody here still play the old school SC still? (what server, west or east?) Or are you waiting for SC II to come out?