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  1. Safraaz

    Should I pursue law?

    Before I get to the main focus of this post, I will introduce myself: Graduated from Liverpool Boys High School with an ATAR in the mid-80's. (Not a very sound school academically; ranked 646/660 this year). I came 1st in Biology, 1st in IT VET, 1st in IPT, 4th in Chemistry and 5th in Advanced...
  2. Safraaz

    Spring Semester Orientation.

    G'day everyone, I have a question (specifically aimed at uni students); Is it okay to attend the upcoming orientation if you missed out on the 1st orientation (at the beginning of the year)? I know that the spring orientation, starting on the 22nd is designed for new students starting next...
  3. Safraaz

    When contemplating universities! Here are some useful links and key information about UTS and its courses. It had just been released on the UTS Facebook page. It has important information about courses and UTS in general. Hope it helps!
  4. Safraaz

    Help me choose my major!

    I know when choosing majors, it is up to the individual to decide. But I have no idea what I like about business and have to choose one major from the list below: - Accounting - Management - Finance - Marketing - International Business - Human Resource Management - Economics...
  5. Safraaz

    UTS finally in the top 51-100 world rankings :)

    These are top Australian universities in the world. I'm so happy that this year, UTS is finally in the top 51-100. Last year its ranking was around mid-200's -.- It's far the fastest improving university in Australia, and last year was ranked in the top 20 for fastest growing university in the...
  6. Safraaz

    What is the future of Pharmacy?

    Hi guys, I was given an offer to study Pharmacy at Usyd last year, however I took Business/IT offer of UTS. So, I just wanted to know how people are progressing in Pharmacy? How are the job prospects once you graduate/salary? Is anyone enjoying Pharmacy or they regret their decision to...
  7. Safraaz

    Looking for someone working in the IT industry!

    Hi, I'm looking for a person working in the IT industry to interview. The interview will be about their job position and we would like you to answer few general questions that I'll send prior to the interview. We will be recording the interview. The interview is for an assignment and the...
  8. Safraaz

    Withdrawing from Usyd.

    Hey, how do I withdraw from USYD. I'm currently enrolled in Pharmacy at usyd and Adv Science at UWS. After speaking to various students/members here on BoS, I believe that Adv Science is the best pre-med degree for me. So does anyone know hw course withdrawal works at USYD? Also am I making the...
  9. Safraaz


    My last post on BoS before I make my bloody mind. My goal is medicine and I have two pre-med degrees that I can consider. 1. Bachelor of Adv Science at UWS. Pros: - Campy campus is close to my home. - Generally easier to get good grades in, hence a higher gpa for med transfer/post grad. - Less...
  10. Safraaz

    Bachelor of Pharmacy students! :)

    Hi, Justed wanted to know other ppl who are also enrolled in Pharmacy commencing this year. Let's introduce ourselves :)
  11. Safraaz

    Accepting an Offer and enrollment!

    Hi, I received a final round offer for a course that I intent to study at usyd. How can I accept the offer and enroll? I heard that its inperson, but this was in January! Also how do we apply for HECS? Is this also part of the enrollment session? Thanks, Safraaz
  12. Safraaz

    Careers with an Advanced Science degree!

    Hey, I'm kind of confused atm as to what I really want to study at uni. As ppl may know, my aim is to study medicine in the near future or dentistry is I don't get into medicine. I'm currently enrolled in two courses: Bachelor of Science Adv @ UWS and Bachelor of Business and Information...
  13. Safraaz

    Re-enrollment after withdrawal!

    Hey, Just on a curious note, It is possible to re-enroll in a course that you withdrawed from or declined an offer for? Thanks :)
  14. Safraaz

    Likelihood of transfering from UTS medical science into med/dent.

    Hi ppl, I was kinda considering med science at uts and later planned to transfer into med/dent. However, UTS does not have a med/dent program! This means I will have to transfer to another uni. So I just wanted to know ppl's input on how uts med science is considered by other uni's and whether...
  15. Safraaz

    Bahelor of Health Science as an alternative pathway into Med/Dent.

    Hi, Recently I spoke to a family friend who studied B. Health Science in New Zealand and transferred into Medicine at Notre Dame. He told me to consider B. Health Science as my pre-med course and told me to keep away from b. Medical Science/Science Adv due to the competitive nature of the...
  16. Safraaz

    Chances for late round offer?

    Hey, What are my chances for the late round if I missed a course by 0.25 of the actual atar needed (with bonus points already added).
  17. Safraaz

    First-Year notes for Business/I.T!

    Hi, Does anyone have notes for Business/I.T (preferably for UTS)? Or any advice on how to handle a double degree and whether or not should I do a mixture of subjects from both courses or just follow the formal timetable (one course subjects per semester- autumn, the other course subjects during...
  18. Safraaz

    So who else is doing B. Pharmacy at Usyd?

    ^ Reply to the title!
  19. Safraaz

    Diffculty of Maths in Business/I.T at UTS!

    Hey, I would like to know the diffculty of mathematics involved in the I.T and the Business course at UTS! Can a student with basic maths ability or one who has done general maths cope with the mathematical side of the two courses? I'm asking this as the assumed knowledge for the courses is...
  20. Safraaz

    5.5-5.7 GPA in Science Adv.

    Hey, I wanted to know how diffcult is it to maintain a GPA of 5.5 or 5.7 assuming that I did Bachelor of Science Adv. I come from a science background and got the highest in biology at my low-ranked school with a mark of (82) and 4th highest in chemistry with a mark of (83). My atar was 85. So I...