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  1. jimmysmith560

    ext 2 poetry - help !

    Hey, I can't directly help with this at all unfortunately :( However, I did find a website that is specifically aimed at English Extension 2 students which seems to be still active. Perhaps you could ask your question there? All the best! 😄
  2. jimmysmith560

    procrastination at its pinnacle but i hope to get a 90+ atar

    Your marks for Modern History, SOR II and English are all pretty good. In addition to the above, you should be allocating more study time for Biology and Maths Standard as those are 4 units which will count towards your ATAR. You need to make sure you improve your marks for those 2 subjects so...
  3. jimmysmith560

    Does God exist?

    The Holy Trinity doesn't really make any modifications to the nature of God, neither do the beliefs of other Abrahamic religions. We understand the Holy Trinity as Father, Son and Holy Spirit, with the Father element being God. The only difference between Christianity and Islam/Judaism in that...
  4. jimmysmith560

    Does God exist?

    My 5500 words due in 2 weeks can relate so much to this. Peace!
  5. jimmysmith560

    Does God exist?

    Alawite Muslims can answer this question perhaps better than Sunni and Shia Muslims, despite their conflicting beliefs. Alawites believe they must undergo repeated reincarnation before going to heaven. Assuming this is true, all spirits in this world will be born again as different individuals...
  6. jimmysmith560

    Plan and Timings for HSC/Trial Exams

    All the best! :D
  7. jimmysmith560

    Plan and Timings for HSC/Trial Exams

    If you're sure you can find the answer to those multiple choice questions once most of the pressure is gone, that definitely sounds like a good option. It's usually harder to maximise marks in the essay sections than the multiple choice section as you mentioned.
  8. jimmysmith560

    I hope we can get access to some exclusive footage then hahaha. I'm still mad that they didn't...

    I hope we can get access to some exclusive footage then hahaha. I'm still mad that they didn't let us in for a visit.
  9. jimmysmith560

    Do you actually go to SMSHS? Our cohort wasn't the best either haha, particularly for Business...

    Do you actually go to SMSHS? Our cohort wasn't the best either haha, particularly for Business Studies. Passed it first go thankfully. I actually only got my P's at the start of last month, bit late for me as I'm 19 haha.
  10. jimmysmith560

    tu francés es fantástico Yeah I think I remember, that was last year wasn't it haha

    tu francés es fantástico Yeah I think I remember, that was last year wasn't it haha
  11. jimmysmith560

    Bored of Studies - Chess Competition

    Round 4 is over! Here's how everyone went: Rank Player Played Win Draw Loss Points 1 Where’s the Funny? 4 4 0 0 4 2 Qeru 4 3 1 0 3.5 3 IAmWinston 3 3 0 0 3 3 nilatar 4 3 0 1 3 4 tejmehta3108 4 2 1 1 2.5 5 phar0ah 4 0 4 0 2 6 pikachu975...
  12. jimmysmith560

    Does God exist?

    Perhaps I should clarify my position: Pascal's wager is not and will never be the reason why I'm Christian. My initial point was that Pascal's wager, when compared to atheism, presents a more viable alternative. I don't personally believe that one's relationship with God should be built...
  13. jimmysmith560

    Does God exist?

    To each their own.
  14. jimmysmith560

    Does God exist?

    Assuming a religion is true, I believe that the general outcome of being irreligious/atheist would be even less favourable than that of someone who followed the wrong religion.
  15. jimmysmith560

    Does God exist?

    This is great! I actually found this same verse you included today while doing some research, along with some other information. Thanks! :D
  16. jimmysmith560

    How does transferring work

    The most important part is ensuring that your marks are high enough at Macquarie in case you are able to transfer from Macquarie to USyd or UNSW so that you can meet USyd/UNSW requirements. Have you tried contacting MQ and UNSW/USyd about this? I'm sure they can provide you with some very...
  17. jimmysmith560

    What's the best way to self-mark extended response questions?

    You're pretty much doing everything you need to do. Having access to top band essays as mentioned above would also be useful as it helps in shaping your arguments more effectively and the overall structure of your response.
  18. jimmysmith560

    Does God exist?

    A better option than atheism? I mean, if one chooses to be an atheist rather than embracing Pascal's wager and a religion like Chrisitanity or Islam turns out to be true, I don't think the outcome will be favourable for that person. On the other hand, there is no actual considerable loss if one...
  19. jimmysmith560

    Plan and Timings for HSC/Trial Exams

    For Economics, one minute per multiple choice question would be enough time. With exams containing multiple choice questions, I used to skip whichever question(s) that did not immediately ring a bell, then come back to them after completing the other sections. You shouldn't be spending too much...
  20. jimmysmith560

    Does God exist?

    That could be the case regardless of Pascal's wager. My initial point was aimed at the uncertainty of the existence of God and how Pascal's wager would be a better option than atheism (for me). Which religion is true (if any) is a completely different issue.