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    How do AC induction motor's work?

    AC induction motors operate on the principle of EM induction. They have no rotating coil; the coils act as electromagnets in the stator and current is not fed into the rotor but instead is induced. They can either have single phase or three phase AC power supply fed into the stator. A...
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    special rel MC
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    Special rel

    The speed of light it always constant. However, at relativistic speeds time dilation and length contraction occurs. This is because as speed = distance x time, if the speed is to remain constant time and distance must change. Therefore, the answer is D.
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    University of Sydney Medicine undergraduate

    Most people apply as a graduate, so they complete the GAMSAT instead. Meaning that, an atar is not required, and you apply after completing any undergraduate course.
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    Help with chemistry questions

    Thanks. Are the other two right then.
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    Help with chemistry questions

    The answers are: 2(B), 6(B), 8(C). Just want to know what the reasoning behind the answers is. For Q8 is it because NO2- is a stronger conjugate base and hence, has a higher pH, and for Q6 is it because phosphoric acid is triprotic. Got no idea about Q2, maybe because there is no proton donor...
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    Standard Maths Year 12
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    Does biology in focus have proper worked solutions

    Yeah Nevermind. Just checked. "Complimentary access to NelsonNet is available to teachers who use the accompanying student book as a core resource in their classroom. Contact your local education consultant for access codes and conditions.". Just ask your teacher I guess.
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    Does biology in focus have proper worked solutions

    You have to buy a separate book called Biology in Focus Student Book, if you really want worked solutions. Same for Chemistry.
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    Prelim Chem and Phys

    For Physics it's quite helpful knowing Y10 content for Mod 1 and 2 but after that you dont really need it. For chem just know: how to balance, polyatomic ions, the structure of atoms and the types of compounds(ionic, molecular etc), and the basic types of reactions e.g. precipitation...
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    HSC Subjects (what should I drop)

    For now. Might drop next term, but im still unsure because I am also doing 4U now.
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    HSC Subjects (what should I drop)

    Update: Ranked 1st in all prelim subjects. These are my prelim results for the yearly's. Maths 3U - 85% Maths 2U - 90% Physics/Chemistry/Business Studies - 91% Biology - 88% English Adv - 93%
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    Good Private Tutor?

    Uplift in liverpool is really good and its pretty cheap compared to other centres.
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    HSC Subjects (what should I drop)

    I enjoy Bio content more than Business, but my teacher is really bad for Bio. I have to relearn everything myself and don't learn anything in class, because she just gives worksheets and doesn't care. I feel like this will take up quite a bit of time, more so than business in year 12, which is...
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    HSC Subjects (what should I drop)

    In my school there is a hand in task for every subject. However, the 2nd maths test got cancelled.
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    HSC Subjects (what should I drop)

    Hey guys I don't know what to drop and was wondering if you could give some advice. I will be doing 4U/3U Maths, Chem, Physics, Bio, Business Studies and Adv English in Year 12. I'm thinking of either dropping Bio or Business Studies. Please help me. So far I am ranked 1st in all my subjects...