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  1. Hagaren

    What Excercise Did You Do Today?

    Post up what's keeping/getting you healthy. Today I did 18km on the bike. Played an hour of Basketball. Jogged 2km. Arms workout.
  2. Hagaren


    Why is uni so shit. Like the academic side of things. I do almost no work, no study hand major assignments in late & I am still passing. ...this means that the institution is a failure in my eyes so far i have found the course content to be so un-challenging that it is demotivating.
  3. Hagaren

    Look Book [men's edition]

    Post pictures of cool styles, looks, shoes, outfits etc.
  4. Hagaren

    The legitimacy of depression as an illness.

    Do you believe in the existence of depression or simply in the weakness of those who claim to suffer from it. I'm not saying that everyone who is out there is faking it, but i have found personally that for most people labeling themselves as having depression it's just an easy way out of a...
  5. Hagaren

    Kind of confused.

    Ok because Newcastle university is full of fail and no one there knows how to answer phone calls or return them. I'm doing a BA and will take Japanese as one of my majors, I also need to pick a second major I am unsure as to what this should be I am leaning towards Chinese but i am unsure of...
  6. Hagaren

    Arts Inquiry

    So yeah I got into BA Arts program at Callaghan for next year as some of you may well know, and am planning to undertake the Japanese major. I was just checking the amount of people who where accepted into arts and it is like a fuck my question is: are there only limited places...
  7. Hagaren

    Uac is fucking open.

    Hit it...hit it hard.
  8. Hagaren

    A bunch of Questions.

    Answer these and be my hero. 1. My first preference for on campus accommodation is International House, was this a good choice? 2. what are the rooms like & what's room security like? 3. with the whole enrolling for lectures and tutorials and what not, what should I do if i am overseas...