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    ATAR ESTIMATIONS - see Guidance & Counsel forum!

    All requests for ATAR estimates and related queries should go to the Guidance & Counsel forum. Thank you!
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    Centrelink Fares Allowance

    If you're living far away from home to study and you are being paid Youth Allowance, there is a little-known Centrelink payment known as Fares Allowance which can help cover the cost of travel during breaks. Fares Allowance pays costs for travel to uni at the beginning of the year, one return...
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    UAC Offers 2011 - Downloadable [now with the Early February Round!]

    Here are most of the UAC offers for 2011, as released in the Daily Telegraph, available for download. I haven't written an online search page for this as yet, but I might work on that a bit later. At the moment, the files are in a sort of Comma Separated Value (CSV) format, which can be opened...
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    Raw Marks 2010

    I'll update this thread with links to raw marks for the 2010 HSC as they come in. mecramarathon - English (Advanced), Chemistry, MX1, MX2, Physics unholybuddha - English (Advanced), Chemistry, MX1, MX2, Physics
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    ANU Chatter Thread

    Post away.
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    2010 Semester 2 Chatter Thread

    This thread is for general/miscellaneous/OT discussion, short questions and the like. Normal forum rules apply.
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    2010 Semester 1 Chatter Thread

    This thread is for general/miscellaneous/OT discussion, short questions and the like. Yes, this forum needs more activity, else I'll have to stop using BoS to procrastinate and go back to actually studying for MATH1115. :p Please be sensible, normal forum rules apply.
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    Any BOSers playing Humans vs Zombies at the moment?
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    "Raw or well done - how do you like your HSC?"

    This is an opinion piece I wrote about the raw marks issue for issue 5 of unleash, the official magazine of the Youth Action and Policy Association NSW. YAPA is the peak organisation representing young people and youth services in NSW - if you're interested in finding out more about the advocacy...
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    Raw Marks Information

    To avoid cluttering up the main forum index, I'm organising all the main raw marks related threads in here. If you have anything which you want added, just ask. General Resources How to get your raw marks + FAQs - a guide to making applications under the Freedom of Information Act 1989 (FOI...
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    Pre-Enrolment Advice Day

    Is it worth going to the Arts/Science Pre-Enrolment Advice Day, or should I not bother and just research my courses online?
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    2009 HSC Raw Marks

    2009 HSC Raw Marks [and exam scripts] I received a rather large package from the OBOS today - here's some raw marks for 2009! Notice of Determination, Explanatory Notes, Full Mark Statistics (5.2MB PDF) English (Standard) TWM 61.51/100 => Exam Mark 74.8 IMAS 31.0 * 2 => Assessment Mark 75.8...
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    First year maths

    Hi BOSers, I'm planning to go to ANU next year and do a combined Arts/Science degree. I'm looking over my options for courses for next year, and for the Science major I want to do (Computer Science) I have to do one of the first year maths courses - MATH1005 (Discrete Mathematical Models)...
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    Attention people with random non-exam questions

    This is the Exam Thoughts forum - if you have a generic Legal Studies question that isn't specifically to do with the 2009 HSC exam, please post it over at Legal Studies - Bored of Studies where the normal Legal Studies forum is.
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    How to get your raw marks / Raw Marks FAQ

    I've written up this quick guide for anyone who wants to make an FOI request for raw marks. (Mods, please sticky!) If I've missed anything please say so. This information is written in accordance with the provisions of the present Freedom of Information Act 1989, which will be repealed and...
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    Question 11 - someone in my class said that the arrow is rotating the wrong way, and my teacher agrees. He's made a formal complaint through the presiding officer to the Board. Now I really can't be bothered thinking about motors and generators right now, but would anyone else like to comment?
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    Taking exam papers out

    Did anyone else get specifically told to leave the exam booklet in the room? I wanted to take it :(
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    Raw Marks

    Today I got the result of my FOI request for raw marks back :D If anyone else has raw marks they've received, please post them. I didn't get the nice format that Hugh Parsonage got, but then again I didn't actually ask for all that information, so they're still in compliance. 2004 Information...
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    ATAR estimate

    I'd like an ATAR estimate please :) School rank is 287 in 2008, but it's our 3rd ever year of the HSC and we've got quite a different cohort. Subject - Rank - Trial Mark (I'm too lazy to work out my whole assessment mark) English (Standard) - 1/~20 - ~65% Physics - 3/8 - 87% Legal Studies -...
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    Impact of new FOI legislation on obtaining raw marks?

    Hi everyone, Has anyone looked at whether the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 will have any impact on whether we can get raw marks through FOI? I haven't had a chance to read the legislation myself yet, but I'm hoping that it'll be a bit more of a 'Right to Information', like...