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  1. ajdlinux

    so whos moving to canberra for ANU next year as a domestic student?

    Also: current location, (prospective) degree and majors, (prospective) residence.
  2. ajdlinux

    When are majors chosen?

    The exact procedure would depend on the rules of the university - at the ANU, you can register majors at any point in 2nd year or later, and if you don't register a major before your graduation, the faculty office will determine it automatically.
  3. ajdlinux

    Arts/Law vs International Relations/Law

    I'd suggest starting with the BA/LLB - I assume you'll be able to choose all the same first year Arts courses as in the BIR program, so if you do decide you want to transfer to the BIR you can get full credit.
  4. ajdlinux

    Transferring to ANU

    You have to talk to Admissions about this, there's not a huge amount of public material on the subject.
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    what is overloading? does that mean I can do my B.comm in 2 years at ANU?

    You seriously don't want to overload every semester. It will drive you insane. You'll pay the same fees, live with 25% more stress than everyone else, and probably suffer in your marks/social life/everything just so you can graduate a semester early. Just remember what everyone always told you...
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    Help:ANU VS USYD VS UNSW in undergraduate course

    Huge as in far too many people.
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    ANU accommodation 2012

    Of course with the first year guarantee, if you're a first year you will get some form of accommodation. Studentleader was a transfer so he didn't qualify unfortunately :(
  8. ajdlinux

    Questions from a 2012 ANU hopeful...

    Indeed, you are in that number. :D
  9. ajdlinux

    Shortening Degree Length?

    And unless you're *very* dedicated, you won't be wanting summer school every year. At some point you actually need to take a break.
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    Help:ANU VS USYD VS UNSW in undergraduate course

    Business-related stuff here at ANU isn't all that strong. On the other hand, UNSW is huuuuge...
  11. ajdlinux

    Do you guys think a single commerce degree will get me a job straight away?

    Re: Best uni for bachelor of information technology Indeed. We're totally unbiased. But seriously, ANU *is* awesome. (COMP1100 with Uwe Zimmer. Muahahaha.)
  12. ajdlinux

    Questions from a 2012 ANU hopeful...

    Being ANU, this is a real possibility... I've conversed with at least four people on this forum who I've later met on campus...
  13. ajdlinux

    what does 'nc' mean?

    The ATAR cutoffs you see in the guide for all existing courses are last year's cutoffs, and obviously they change every year. The admissions process for new courses is exactly the same - they just don't have any data from last year that they can publish as an indicative cutoff. Some (most...
  14. ajdlinux

    writing on the exam paper..

    That's good to know!
  15. ajdlinux

    uni vs. private college?

    TBH, I dislike 'vocational' degrees in a lot of areas - although that said, I don't know exactly what they're like or how they compare to diploma and other TAFE-level programmes. I just feel that exams provide a fair assessment - you can get through essays simply by researching your one topic...
  16. ajdlinux

    writing on the exam paper..

    Unless it has markings on it with 'DO NOT WRITE BELOW THIS LINE' etc (they're switching to scanned papers in some courses) it should be fine. BOS markers also check the back of the page, although I suppose you can't expect them to give marks.
  17. ajdlinux

    Any University Accommodation that doesn't require you to pay upfront?

    At least some of whom are from private schools in Sydney, living with family in Sydney, and thus not needing to move for uni, but still deciding to take up space that could be used by regional students who would benefit much more.
  18. ajdlinux

    Any University Accommodation that doesn't require you to pay upfront?

    No, the worst we have is monthly payments at John XXIII (though why anyone would want to stay there is beyond me). All the University-owned halls have tariffs set centrally, and the two independent colleges still don't require up-front payment. You can pay up-front if you want, but that would be...
  19. ajdlinux

    uni vs. private college?

    What's the course? - Has a student life and a large community - Electives As much as I'm hating my life right now (exams in a week), I personally believe that if you can't sit down for three hours and write a decent exam, you haven't mastered the material. Certainly right now, the exams I'm...
  20. ajdlinux

    Need help with UAC application.

    I don't know the exact details about a non-leavers application, but certainly in the Year 12 leavers application there's nothing like that for most courses - if you're a school leaver, generally the only things they take into account are your ATAR and any other qualifications you have.