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  1. BLIT2014

    how to stay motivated?

    I find going for a quick walk/run/exercise use to help me wake up after school. Otherwise, coffee or tea may help wake you up after school.
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    Accounting help

    Currently, it looks like the question is incomplete? Do you have more parts to the question?
  3. BLIT2014

    How are you feeling today?

    As if all life is about is pain.
  4. BLIT2014

    Is the PPE course(philosophy, politics and economics course) better at ANU or UNSW?

    ANU although you would have to live in Canberra, which is a downside.
  5. BLIT2014

    Is CTHS Good

    Pretty much all schools will have drug use of some kind, whether it be tobacco, cannabis, alcohol etc.
  6. BLIT2014

    Presents for your significant other

    If someone gave me a Victorinox penknife that I don't currently have, with my name on it, that would be a great present :)
  7. BLIT2014

    MQ Chatter Thread

    Hope everyone is tracking well with University this semester!
  8. BLIT2014

    MQ Chatter Thread

    Hope everyone is settling into University this semester, and for all the new faces, welcome to Macquarie!
  9. BLIT2014

    MQ Chatter Thread

    Good to hear. I agree that things are a lot easier if you do them in person. Wish my current qualification I am studying was in person, hate studying in an "online" environment.
  10. BLIT2014

    MQ Chatter Thread

    Not currently offered at Macquarie University, as far as I am aware you would be better of going to a different university if you are looking to pursue it.
  11. BLIT2014

    Medical Science

    No class number doesn't really mean anything important. The same content should be covered but different classes will be taken by different tutors depending on how large the cohort is. Pretty much same class at different time/place.
  12. BLIT2014

    Extracurricular, volunteering and work experience ideas?!

    When you turn 18 donating blood/plasma is a good thing to do. It used to be 16 but seems they have changed it. Join your local Rotaract club "Rotaract is a global organisation that empowers students and...
  13. BLIT2014

    Medical Science

    Nice no Uni Friday. Every second week on Thursday Ubar (Macquarie Uni's bar) is a themed party.
  14. BLIT2014

    Easy to get Attacked at 5am?

    Breakfast point is probably the blandest suburb I've been to, and one no one has heard of.
  15. BLIT2014

    Easy to get Attacked at 5am?

    Would really depend on the suburb. I feel like much of Sydney as long as you take reasonable precautions then 5 am would be fine.
  16. BLIT2014

    Medical Science

    Pretty sure student connect is open now (in muse) during the week, so you can pick up it then. You may require ID/enrollment forms but can't remember off the top of my head.
  17. BLIT2014

    Medical Science

    Actually, a building on campus called MUSE where you pick up student cards and stuff. Student connect is located there.
  18. BLIT2014

    Medical Science

    Hey sounds overrated but try ringing the University. Macquarie's pretty good if you ring them, otherwise, try and go in (to muse) and speak to a student advisor.
  19. BLIT2014

    Medical Science

    That's alright. Indubitably so ;)