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  1. alex.leon

    PHL132 or PHL137?

    Which should I do? They both look rather interesting but I can't figure out what I'd actually enjoy more. Thoughts from people who've done these??
  2. alex.leon

    Can a first year do a 200 level unit under special circumstances?

    I'm enrolled in a BA, and I want to major in French Studies. However on my gap year I studied French intensely for 4 months and have maintained a good level of written and conversational French, so it seems a bit pointless to do FRN119 or any of the other introductory 1st year courses. Can I...
  3. alex.leon

    Romanticism, people!

    How'd you think it went? Thought essay question was so-so. Pretty simple, kinda just sounded like the syllabus regurgitated which is exactly what i wanted. Had quite a tenuous link to Wuthering Heights...but meh. Creative writing stimulus was heaps gothic-y, which suited my prepared...
  4. alex.leon

    HSC '09- the most paranoid year.

    No obscure text types. Fairly straight forward essays. No ridiculously specific related text. No specification of one poem for prescribed texts. We are so, SO paranoid.
  5. alex.leon

    Did anybody not write a short story?

    I wrote a prose poem...(just a very lyrical short story, ha!) Just wanted to know who else didn't write a story. After all it did say 'imaginative piece' = any creative conventions you want.
  6. alex.leon

    Romanticism --> anyone doing 'Possession' by AS Byatt?

    Because if you are, please, PLEASE, tell me how you're constructing a thesis on it. Seems like a crock of feminist bullshit to me, and want to know what anyone else has taken from it (if anything). All I've focused on is the parallel between Maud/Christabel and Roland/Randolph, as well as Ellen...
  7. alex.leon

    DRAMA HSC PERFORMANCE - how did you go?

    I know not everyone is finished yet, but how did everybody go? I had GP and IP monologue, and both went fairly well, with no screw ups! How were everyone's markers? We had two fairly young women, who were really friendly, not the 'senile marker' type at all! So yeah. How did everything go?
  8. alex.leon

    Major works, people!

    So, who's finished their majors? With my infinity of majors, I've only got one left- Music 2 performance/composition next week, then i'm done! How did it all go? Any last minute panics?
  9. alex.leon

    So it's 1am on the due date for Ext 2

    And I'm finally, finally finished., to get stuck into some last-minute logbooking (I have to actually find the damn thing first...) and pop a few no doz to get through the next 2 hours. Aah, the joys of procrastination. Hope everyone is feeling good and happy that this major work is...
  10. alex.leon

    Major Works- whats all the hype?

    Recently, when telling people i have 5 major works, they laugh at me, or say something discouraging like 'dude, thats like a suicide attempt spanned over the course of the HSC' I truly don't understand why people are so concerned about major works. Like i said before, I have 5, and i have...
  11. alex.leon

    IP Performance: How are you progressing?

    All those doing IP Performance, what are you up to? I've written my 3rd draft (yes, i wrote my own monologue. well, sort of. it's based on a story from a book, so i guess i've sort of co-written it.) and have sorted my props. Thinking i should try and learn it now. Where's everyone at?
  12. alex.leon

    HSC POETS 09! Unite!

    Cmon, there has to be more than one of me. What's everyone doing? Hows the logbooking going? (ughhh) How did everyones proposal go?
  13. alex.leon

    10 units- whats the big deal?

    HONESTLY! My dean of studies has decided that doing 10 units including 4 unit English is a massive risk. Okay, I get it. It IS a massive risk. An incredibly massive risk, actually. But the thing is, i'm willing to take that risk. I love my subjects (Art, Music, Drama, Adv English & Ext...
  14. alex.leon

    Opinions on my concept for an essay?

    Consumerism has effected our generation so profoundly to the point where humanity’s perception of ‘perfection’ has been distorted. As a byproduct of this, our generation is growing up accustomed to blaming natural, humanistic faults on material things, more through the uncontrolled ignorance in...
  15. alex.leon

    Who has their year 11 formal at the moment?

    I do! I'm going as a sheep to mine. (my friends going as little bo peep...aren't we cheesy?) Im going to about 4 and its like $150 all up. i was like fuckkkkk off.
  16. alex.leon

    Teacher discouraging me to do poetry!?

    My current Advanced teacher, who will be taking me for Extension 2 next year told me that poetry is 'too subjectively marked'. So, i asked him if he thought i was incapable, and he said that extension 2 was the perfect subject for me etc etc... But he said that poetry is 'just too subjective'...
  17. alex.leon

    Do you think its possible to get 90+ UAI doing creative subjects?

    I am a Year 11 student planning on doing... Drama Visual Art Music 2 Advanced English Extension 1 & 2 The majority of these are completely subjectively marked (nil Advanced and Ext. 1). I was having an argument with a friend today over whether you could get a 90+ UAI doing purely creative...
  18. alex.leon

    Any Books or Info you guys can recommend?

    The general theme for my body of work is the search of identity through the ideas of resistance to conformity and the process of finding your identity (what is it, is it possible..?) I was just wondering if anybody could recommend anything that even loosely encompasses my idea of identity...
  19. alex.leon

    Is 4 major works too much?!

    Next year, i am planning on doing 10 units which are: Drama, Music 2, Visual Art, Advanced English, EE1 & EE2. Effectively i will have 4-ish major works (as drama and music are pretty much the equivalent with logbooks and evaluations as well as the end result) and i'm starting to think if...
  20. alex.leon

    Extension 2 English Thoughts: Poetry.

    I am quite sure i would like to do English Extension 2 next year, and be focussing on Poetry. I'm a real arts nut, and i'm just wondering whether or not anyone had any difficulties with the creative limitations of the course? In my mind, the BOS is almost a professional at suppressing creative...