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  1. Papercutter

    MQ Mentoring - LEAP Program

    Has anyone previously done this? If so, how did you find the experience? I am slightly surprised by the formality of the application process (two-person interview, reference checks, etc.) considering it is for a volunteer position. Then again, I am fairly inexperienced in terms of volunteer...
  2. Papercutter

    Does your student DEC email expire upon graduation?

    As stated above. Just curious to see how long it will take before my DEC email shuts down - if it does anyway.
  3. Papercutter

    Buying textbooks based on unit guides

    Hello again! I am wondering whether I should purchase the prescribed textbooks for my courses now, or wait until the 2018 unit guides come out? The only problem with buying textbooks now, is that I would have to base it on the previous year's guide - and I have heard that they can sometimes...
  4. Papercutter

    MQ Scholarships - how do they work?

    Hi guys! I have received and accepted an offer from MQ for their "Women in STEM" scholarship (Faculty of Science and Engineering Academic Achievement Scholarship). The email says it will be paid in two instalments of $2500 each for the first year. Would someone be able to explain how the...
  5. Papercutter

    Maths HSC Exam Marking

    Does anyone know when NESA markers would be finished marking the Mathematics HSC Exams for this year?
  6. Papercutter

    HSC Assessment Ranks release date

    "Accessing your HSC assessment ranks Your school will submit an overall school-based assessment mark for each of your courses to us. This mark equates to a ‘rank’ in your course. Your school is not allowed to tell you your final school-based assessment marks. However, it may tell you where you...
  7. Papercutter

    Another ATAR Estimate :)

    Just out of curiosity. Ranks: Mathematics Ext 1: 50/96 Mathematics 22/85 English Advanced: 87/121 Senior Science: 1/16 Earth and Environmental Science: 1/10 Chemistry: 47/101 School rank dropped to 34th in 2016, but in previous years it has been steady around mid 20s (22-25).
  8. Papercutter

    Uni: Laptop or Desktop PC?

    As said in the title, would a laptop or desktop be better in uni? I plan to do a science-related degree so I imagine having both would be beneficial, however I can only have one. What would you recommend?
  9. Papercutter

    Really need help with creative piece?

    My set task is to do a 1500-word creative piece which focuses on "The American Dream". It also has to incorporate the given stimulus (which I'll attach here). I'm thinking of writing a story on a homeless orphan boy and his older brother whose parents risked everything to move to America...
  10. Papercutter

    Polishing shoes?

    Hi guys, Recently I got into shoe polishing but I've got these boots which are extremely worn and have a lot of small dents and scuffs on them. I managed to get a good shine on them using kiwi parade gloss, but is it possible still to achieve a mirror-like shine (despite the toe particularly...
  11. Papercutter

    Blood Donation?

    Hi guys, I'm planning on donating blood next week at the Australian Red Cross and I was wondering if anyone here knows what it's like? On a scale how painful is the process? Does the initial jab hurt when they insert the needle? Cheers guys!
  12. Papercutter

    "The selective school that has abolished exams. Yes, really"

    So story is, Hurlstone Agricultural High School has introduced new methods of assessing students along with the "conventional exams". Mark Latham, a former student ('78) at this school and past politician has something to say about this; which he wrote in a letter handed out to the parent and...
  13. Papercutter

    Darwinism and the Theory of Evolution?

    Are Darwinism and the Theory of Evolution both names for the same thing? Darwinism is the theory that the evolution of all organisms is caused by the process of Natural Selection. Darwin's Theory of Evolution itself contains two main concepts, one that suggests that all living things are...
  14. Papercutter

    Subject Selection

    Planning on doing the following subjects next year: English Advanced Maths 2U Maths Extension 1 Physics Chemistry Earth and Environmental Geography (Possible but not certain) Are there any tips and advice or perhaps things should be aware of for the above? And, this is probably a...
  15. Papercutter

    How many hours should you work?

    As the title says, how many hours should a high school student allow for a part-time job? I'm currently in Year 10 and I do have a few hours (5-8) of extra-curricular activities that I participate in. What would your recommended number of hours per week be? Should I even work at this stage...
  16. Papercutter

    Obese Dolebludger

    Here's the link to the article: To summarise: - Woman claimed unable to work due to her weight refuses publicly-funded treatment for weight...
  17. Papercutter

    Obese Dolebludger

    Here's the link to the article: To summarise: - Woman claimed unable to work due to her weight refuses publicly-funded treatment for weight...
  18. Papercutter

    Whether or not to continue Accelerated Maths?

    Hi there everyone! I'm currently unsure whether to continue on with Accelerated Maths, seeing as I'll be moving to a new school in 2015! Regarding whether or not I'll even be accepted into AM at the new school, the principal recommended that I speak to the Head teacher for maths. Assuming that...
  19. Papercutter

    Hiring Manager

    Hi guys, this is probably a stupid question to ask but since I couldn't find the answer through Google search, I'm wondering how to employment process works for general franchises. Does the manager at each store have the responsibility of hiring staff or is that up to the "top" people of the...
  20. Papercutter

    Study Habits

    How do you guys study best? I've heard of the "types" of learning where you may find one way better than the other. For instance, I learn a lot more and study better when I take all my work outside in my backyard. So what are your study habits?