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    Why is there a gap in atar? UTS vs UNSW

    I was looking at unsw engineering(honours)/ computer sci and their guaranteed atar was 91 and UTS engineering (honours) and creative intelligence degree‘s LSR was 82.9? They’re both 5 years so I’m really confused about why there’s a gap in atar requirements. I thought UTS is better than UNSW in...
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    Quantum engineering / FEAS

    is there anyone who got into engineering by FEAS? If so what did you talk about and what did you include in your 5min video also how was your year 12 report... on a seperate note: what is quantum engineering in UNSW, i heard it‘s a brand new course, what do we get out of it?
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    How will NESA calculate our atar based on our internal marks

    does nesa check our school‘s assessment test? and from the decide if it‘s a hard exam or Sth like that? cause last year my school’s MX2 exam was really easy and this year it was like a slap in the face. Will our atar go down because of it? I’m freaking out and i dont know what to do
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    Microsoft access help

    does Microsoft access only work for pc? Like can i not download it on my MacBook? Or do i need a windows computer
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    Ted talk

    Would anyone like to read my ted talk transcript? You can be as brutal is you want. I’m open to any constructive criticism ^_^
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    Atar or rank

    my school is in the 100s and im doing physics, 4u maths, 3u maths , eng standard. do i have to be in the top 5 or ten in terms of rank in all the subjects to get 90+ atar or what score do i have to get every assessment
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    Just curious do i have to get the exact same answer as the marker has or can i be .1 or .2 off...
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    Synergy, peak or sigma or others

    i think i need tutoring for physics I’m struggling with theory And i dont know what the best tutoring place for physics is.
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    Fg between earth and the moon radius?

    i got two different answers from two different textbooks and I’m so confused. Is the force exerted by earth on the moon the same as Fg between earth and the moon? Cause for the force exerted by earth on the moon the radius was 3.84*10^20 but for Fg between earth and moon i got 3.9 x 10^8 for the...
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    Is Tutoring really necessary

    Do you really need tutoring to do good as in band 6 or high band 5 for the following subjects : 4U maths 3U maths physics chemistry english I’m just really curious and also tips on getting good marks without tutoring?
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    Computer sci UTS vs UNSW

    what’s the difference between doing computer science at UTS and UNSW because the atar requirement for UTS comp sci is 80.15 while UNSW is like 91.0 and both of them are honours. ... which one would be a better option if i really like coding and learning about not business but more like cyber...
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    Physics year 12

    What do you need to really know about and be good at year 11 physics to be good at year 12
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    Past paper :p

    Anyone got physics prelim past paper?
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    Excel workbook thoughts?

    What is standard English excel book like. Is it worth it?
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    if i drop down to EALD and i want to do engineering or comp sci do i have to do eng in uni as well?
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    Uts unsw maq or usyd

    What would be The best course to do one of these following courses in - physics/ computer science - computer engineering - engineering/ adv science - information technology - anything crime related but IT as well also is it Possible to. Be at two uni for example computer science and cyber...
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    Essay feedback (URGENT)

    Would anyone like to read my EBB essay and give me feedback and perhaps check for mistakes And possible error? Pls dm me if you’d like
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    How to improve physics

    How do you improve physics?
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    Refractive index

    Hi how do you measure the refractive index of water using a semi circular plastic container?
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    Hi..need help again...

    if you know Could you please give me an example and the impact of compliance requirements for an IT organisation or workplace for the following regulations codes of practice standards for workplace procedures. help would really be appreciated as I’m stressing out