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  1. x.christina

    The I.T. Crowd

    it's on par as my favourite show along with FOTC. i want richmond's babies.
  2. x.christina

    Pay It Forward

    is a sad, sad movie. discuss.
  3. x.christina

    them sydney buses moments

    yeah spoof of cityrail thread but this time its sydney buses ok so i've never caught a 290 before, i'm just fucken double checking that it goes where i want to go... me: hey, you go to macquarie centre right? bus driver: get off the bus, look at the front, and then come back me: err ok so you...
  4. x.christina

    Need help with Textiles?

    i finished hsc last year, did Textiles and Design since year 9 and it was my best subject yo. i made a huge wall hanging for my major work, i got 86 for the subject (would have gotten 90 but illness/misadventure kicked in and it was brought down to trials mark :( ) i studied collette dinnigan...
  5. x.christina

    ITT we recite Flight of the Conchords quotes

    Jemaine, did you call Jim a dick?
  6. x.christina


    Oh, lovers of gas explosions and dangerous things. Discuss.
  7. x.christina

    "Hairy Surprise"

    Groom gets hairy surprise heh. thoughts?
  8. x.christina


    juts wondering, is there anyone out there who actually stayed friends with their ex once they broke up? is it possible even?
  9. x.christina

    would you stop buying hard copies of books and download them off the net?

    ie. like with the iPad technology where you download the book to your iPad, or the newspaper, magazine etc would you stop buying hard copies of these things if it were easier and/or cheaper to go with this new technology? personally i'd still buy my books but magazine's maybe i'd just...
  10. x.christina

    spicks and specks

  11. x.christina

    The Changing Nature of Cultural Terms

    Has anyone noticed the fact that the term "Asian" no longer refers to the culture but seems to serve a derogatory and racist purpose? These days, people tend to say "Asian" as a way to herd those cultures together and say it the same tone that you swear in. The term Asian should be referring to...
  12. x.christina

    Fail Customers

    Post your fail customer stories here. (Different to rant thread) So, I work at a newsagents right. Customer: Hey, do you sell newspapers? Me: /facepalm Customer: Hey, do you sell cards? I couldn't find them... Me: They're kinda over there... on the wall... in front of you, you fuckwit...
  13. x.christina

    Green Day Tour December 2009

    Who's going? General Tickets from 1st July 9am
  14. x.christina


    You know that pain in your lower stomach you get after exercise if you're unfit like me :o what is that caused by and how can I stop it from happening?
  15. x.christina

    Chubb Security robbed $3m at their Lane Cove/Chatswood Headquarters

    This was near me :S Shots fired during Lane Cove armed robbery, fled in Audi | The Daily Telegraph Comments?
  16. x.christina

    Signature Pictures?

    Ok when I upload my photo from my computer, it makes it so tiny, and the same thing happens when I upload from photobucket etc. Other people w/o prem. membership have uploaded photos and their pictures are larger files than mine, so why does my account make the pictures tiny?
  17. x.christina

    What is the Australian 'culture'?

    Ok we're always talking about how we should deport all Muslims and immigrants who don't assimilate into our society and culture, however, what can we define our culture as? What IS the Australian culture? Discuss.
  18. x.christina


    And I say hey HEY What a wonderful kind of day Where you can learn to work and play And get along with each other He deserves his own thread, because he is a fucking legend
  19. x.christina

    Round The Twist

    Have you ever, ever felt like this Have strange things happen Are you going round the twist? And have you heard the word about the bird and the spider? Who wiggled and wiggled and jiggled inside her And have you ever, ever felt like this Have strange things happen Are you going round the twist...
  20. x.christina

    Can I change the colour of my username?

    Is there a way that I'm allowed to change the colour of my username (like for instance how if you're premium its light blue, mods and orange and red etc) Probably not but I just wanted to enquire. : )