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  1. CommunityFan

    Free elective options?

    I have a question about this.... this thread can apply to anyone who have questions about free electives btw just a background check: I wanted to major in media (screen and sound) in UNSW and for one of the free electives I wanted to physics related subject. I'm not sure if in UNSW they offer...
  2. CommunityFan

    Late 1990s- early 2000s

    OMG those were the dayz!!! if you are at least born in 1996 or before that, you will understand what I'm talking about here my friends (or acquaintances/stranger/whatevs...) these are just some of the music, there's tonnes more of great culture and media back then... who agrees that this...
  3. CommunityFan

    Perfect related text - COMMUNITY (TV Series)

    Ever consider how this television show, Community become the most perfect related text for Belonging? Trailer Pilot speech, encapsulation of belonging theme here is the Syllabus overview Any bold points of the above specifically are reflected for board of studies requirements within the TV...