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    Defer graduation

    Has anyone done this before? To change the ceremony date one needs a "compelling personal, professional or academic reason" ..... suggestions :uhoh:
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    summer school enrolment without result

    sorry cant find the other summer school thread can i enrol in a subject without having the results for it ie im doing my exam for the subject now ? opening enrolments - 4th dec exam results out - 18th dec final enrolments - 21st dec...........but is there a fee for late enrolment ?
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    ACCG330 - anyone?

    i cant find any info on here, is there anyone who's done it? just onterested in what the exam will be like ??
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    BBA340 Cross-cultural management

    Has anyone who has done this shed some light on assessments ? Is there a heavy work load etc ?
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    ACCG340, AcCG330, ACcg 253

    I missed the 1st weeks lectures for these 3 subjects, did i miss anything significant ??
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    Degree done ?

    How do i know that my degree is completed ?? Looking at the 2004 (yr of enrolment) handbook i'll have completed all my subjects at the end of this semester but i cant work out what amount of credit points i need ? Do i have to do an elective ? I really cant work it out :o
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    anyone else doing this ? am i right in seeing we dont have to "know" every chapter ?
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    Rihanna and Chris Brown 2 tickets x sale

    Hey guys, i got 2 x B Reserve seating tickets for Acer Arena on sunday 9/11 for sale, just pm me if interested. Im pretty desperate to get rid of them. :)
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    ACCG323 final

    Anyone else doing this/done this ?? How much focus should i place on the readings ?
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    Coloured umbrella's

    Im talking about nice pretty one's, not cheap-tacky-colourful types....i saw a girl using a gorgeous dark pink one today in the city, it looked almost like satin-type material, anyone have any ideas as to where these pretty umbrellas are sold ??
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    3rd time approval

    Does anyone know when this form is due by for the stupid EFS division ?? I cant seem to find anything on their stupid site :mad:
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    Whats a great mascara for me to get? my eyelashes are fairly curled already but their thin so im looking for something that will make them look very thick and volumised(?), something i can use without any other eye makeup and my eyes will be wow ...recommendations please ?
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    Naploeon makeup/Myer

    Quick question, do most myer stores have napoleon perdis makeup counters ?
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    Comp labs

    How safe are the computer network things at uni (sorry im very IT illiterate) :o what i want to know is would you recommend me doing an online credit card booking from the comp labs ?
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    Rebel Sport group interview

    Hey, does anyone work at rebel sport or been to one of these ?? Its not for me (the info) but i've never been to a group interview for a retail position so what do they normally make you do ??
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    help virus

    ok so my computers infested with several viruses, it keeps freezing and when i got to task manager theres all theres weird .exe's running, i know i didnt knowingly d/l it but im still stuffed its gotten so a delextra.exe screen opens up and makes a ringing noise with weird chinese looking...
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    Sorry didnt know where to stick this, is anyone doing this subject ? Or has someone done it ? labour law now known as hr law
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    does anyone remeber what the lecturer said about buying old textbooks ? iis the current edition completely different frm the 1st ??
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    media equipment hire

    is there like any way we can arrange to hire something from uni, specifically a projector screen tripod thingy ? or does anyone own 1 they would so kindly lend to me :o im desperate to be asking strangers
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    Gang rape video

    Well im very suprised that there hasnt been a thread made about the horrible gang rape by 5 guys, who filmed it on their mobiles and sent it around or is it cause their white ? note: this is...